Wednesday, July 10, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew is Full of Cats.

Just a warning that this is cat-heavy but I CAN'T HELP IT. I can't. 

Okay, listen, J Crew is doing some "5 day, 5 surprise sales" nonsense this week and today is 30% off full-price styles and an extra 40% off sale styles with code WEDNESDAY. I hadn't checked out the new stuff so I took a casual look and OMG I love all of it. Okay, maybe not the super ruffle craziness but I like A LOT of it and I am in trouble. Let's start with this: 

A City Cats tee? Are you kidding me? There is also a dog version, but the cats are way funnier. Also this is the kind of cat print that I am just insane about: 

Actual tigers leaping all over this adorable silk blouse. Are you kidding me. This is basically hurting my feelings because it's not mine. UGH.  Let's take a break from the cats for a minute for this: 

Oof, I know. Gorgeous olive suede with that amazing thick saddle leather strap? It's all about that strap. Back to cats: 

AH! I know! It's like it was made for me. STOP IT, J.CREW. And you know you've been thinking about one of those long cardigans that come in a million neutral colors but just get the red one because:

Damn. I know right? This is all basically perfect. I just want all of it, even the leopard heels which I can't wear but I still love them. Now, you know how I am about wearing black in the summer, right? Right: 

Come be a goth summer queen with meeeee! (It also comes in white, which is fine I guess.) If you're eyeing her cool cat-eye sunglasses, never fear: 

They can also be yours! These are just the coolest shape and I love the purple lenses. Okay no more cat things, I promise. This is a very pretty tassel necklace that comes in three colors: 

But I think this multi-color version is the best of the bunch. So pretty! And ooh, jeans. I am so into this deep cuff: 

The rise is maybe a smidge high for me, personally, but that CUFF with the boots? I am almost ready for it. But first, sandals: 

These sandals have everything - a walkable heel, an interesting color, and studs! (cue Stefon.)

Okay, I lied. This adorable swimsuit is simply covered in leopards. Just accept and embrace your new cat overloads. You are welcome. 

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