Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Review: The Loft Stuff I Kept.

I did keep a few things from my recent Loft order and I was hoping to wear one of them in an outfit this week but my photo remote thingy broke, so while I wait for Amazon to throw another one on my porch, here's a review with stock pics:

This Lace Trim Mixed Media Tee was keeper! It's very pretty, lightweight and easy to wear - definitely the kind of thing I love having in my closet for summer. It's really cute worn with cropped jeans or shorts (or ragged denim cutoffs, obvs.) It also comes in a pretty raspberry color and it's on sale for $14 right now!  The other thing I kept is this Gathered Side Tie Tee dress:

Honestly, it's easy to miss on the website and when it arrived I was like, huh, because it didn't seem very exciting. And honestly, it's not. It's not an exciting dress but when I put it on I understood the (mostly) glowing reviews. Something about the cut and the adjustable waist tie makes this dress extremely flattering and the weight of the material makes it hang just right without being too clingy. It's lined, which is nice as well. This dress is not going to change your life but it will be a dependable closet staple when you want to look pulled together. It would be easy to wear with in the warm months with sandals and a fun pendant necklace, or in the cooler months with tights, ankle boots and a cute jacket. It will be what you want it to be! So, not exciting, but a dependable black dress doesn't need to be. PS. Right now you can get 40% off with code SURPRISE.

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