Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Ally Cupro Tunic Time.

I meant this to be an outfit post but it's also a review of my new top, except I kinda already reviewed it. It's a confusing minefield, this blog stuff. Anyway, I am VERY into my new overpriced Anthropologie Ally Cupro Tunic:

I so rarely purchase anything without a discount that it felt scandalous to pay full price but I was afraid I'd miss out otherwise. (It'll probably get marked down to $29 next week.)

I've already written a little about what I love about this tunic but for me it's one of those rare pieces that fills my desire for simple clothing with interesting details. This is just what makes it for me:

I really dig the funky cut-out shapes that reveal a little bit of my new tattoo and I love that I could wear this top with faux leather leggings (maybe these?) and feel edgy but dressed up, or wear it with a pair of great jeans and feel pulled together but also completely comfortable. By the way, my jeans are from Madewell and I posted about them last week. (PS. extra 40% off of sale at Madewell right now! Run! I'll wait.) I really love the button fly:

But hey, guess what? This top does not really lend itself to tucking. Like, at all. That was a lot of work. Now, details:

How much labradorite is too much? Heh. I am wearing Panacea earrings (these are similar), a small Argento Vivo pendant (similar style) and my Dean Davidson tassel pendant, which is sold out, but this one, also by Dean Davison, is similar. 

I am still aggressively insisting on carrying this Miu Miu bag (currently on sale again) which I can't love more than I already do. My sandals are Lotta From Stockholm peep toe clogs and they're good times if you are a clog lady. 

That's all for today! Hope y'all are having a good week. 

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