Friday, August 28, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Only On Sale.

I'm still really mad at Anthro but y'all, the sale going on is good and it's literally THE ONLY TIME you should buy anything from Anthro. (Never full price! Neverrrr.) This weekend only they're giving an extra 50% off sale stuff (discount in cart.) I wish I didn't want anything but y'all know I do. Here's my list:

I adore a floaty Maeve dress and this one is no exception.

I am very into a fun camera bag strap and this one is beaded! So pretty.

This top is both pretty and weird but it's exactly my kind of pretty and weird. 

Crazy fun earrings are all you need to make that Zoom call less boring.

Also, why not a kimono top over that plain t-shirt? 

Why do I want this? Why you gotta be like that, Clare V? 

These aren't super exciting but they do look nice and slouchy.

I love this the most because it's got a zebra butt on the back. 

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