Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We Discuss: Bralettes, Televsion and Friendship. And Shoes.

A: Why can’t I find a cute bralette that actually fits me?

M: Well honestly because you want more support than a bralette can give you

M: That said Soma has one I’m interested in.

M: And Lively

A: Hmm

A: The Soma that was right across the street from work is GONE so the only one in town is in Hell. I just haven’t made it out there yet.

M: Gah

A: Lively looks promising!

M: Supposed to be for boobs but I’m as always skeptical

A: I am too, but am just tired of my granny bras

M: My friend Danielle just ordered some swimsuits from them and she has big boobs.

M: Unrelated I am rewatching Younger because the next season is coming soon and I forgot just how much I love it.

A: I don’t know this show?


M: It’s on Hulu!

M: Perfect summer show!

A: OMG, thank you. I have been watching Luther and Handmaid’s Tale and shit is DARK.

M: No no you need Younger.

A: Thank you! I have been looking for something fun to watch.

M:You’ll love it

A: I totally caved on the summer FabFitFun summer box. It’s got some good shit in it.

M: Ooh like what?

A: It’s a little confusing because you get to pick between different items, but there’s a Tarte palette and one of those Foreo face cleaner thingies. I am especially into the Yumi Kim train case:

A: Also, since I'm now part of the matrix* you can get $10 off your first box with my link.

M: Oh I saw that train case, it looks really good.

A: The train case is why I caved.

M: Nice

M: You’ll have to tell me what you think. I am always looking for THE travel toiletry case. I bought one recommended on Forever 35 before I stopped listening to it and it’s only good for like 2 day trips, otherwise it doesn’t hold everything.

A: Oh, I almost bought that before I realized they’re both dingbats. Sweet dingbats, but still.

M: They really are.

M: At least it was cheap but it’s ugly.

A: Yeah

M: Ooh that FabFitFun towel looks good too, though microfiber gives me the heebs.

A: You get the towel OR the train case.

M: Right

M: Microfiber is icky the way it sticks.

A: I can handle it in my hair turban wrap thing but barely.

M: Yeah like if you have any dry skin at all.

M: shudder



A: I thought I was the only one!

M: creepy

A: It’s awful

A: I will report back on the box! 

M: Oh! The Toms shoes came and I’m wearing them right now! I like them a lot.


M: Wearing with my best Elio’s Mom skirt.

A: OMG they’re great!

M: Aren’t they?

M: Seriously perfect

A: That is your Universal Thread skirt?

M: Yup!

M: Finally got the nerve to wear it

M: I’ve gotten lots of compliments

A: I’m sure!

M: I just feel very hip and ass forward but my friends on set have assured me it’s flattering.

A: But there’s nothing wrong with being shaped like a lady! Fashion is so strange.

M: Yeah I know it’s definitely my own hangup.

A: Good for you for trying something new and not entirely comfortable.

M: It feels a lot more successful than the jeans I had to change out of midday.

A: Oh man

M: 😬

A: So good

A: Are those your birthday shoes?

M: Yes!

M: They will definitely require some breaking in but they are well made.

M: And it’s nice to have a summer shoe with a closed toe for once.

A: I made a Perfume Mistake this morning and I have so much regret.

M: Uh oh what perfume

A: I got this sample of YSL Black Opium and had no intention of smelling it until the podcast I was listening to RAVED about it.

A: It came in this little vial where you have to break off the top. Like, what could go wrong?

M: Oh. Oh dear.


M: Ack

A: I have swabbed myself with alcohol wipes but it’s not even taking the edge off. Help.

M: Sandblasting is the only option.

A: I thought about fire.

M: BTW Danielle said her Lively swimsuit and bralette are great, she’s a DD.

A: Did she get the busty bralette?

M: Yes. Now I want one but I am broke.

A: I’m gonna get one. Also, Kate, who is my Costco connection, got me a two-pack of these Felina lace bralettes and I think they might be good.

M: Oh that’s exciting!

A: I still want the Lively one but these might satisfy my need for a non-granny option for now.

M: Costco-related--I just found out that their Kirkland Professional Series moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the Pureology Shampoo/Conditioner that I LOVE and is like $30 for a tiny bottle.

M: I am shook

A: Um

A: I am pretty sure I blogged about this, like, three years ago.

M: whatttttt

M: hahahaaaaa

A: Girl

M: I mean I retain 7% of the information I am told on a daily basis so.

M: But you didn’t mention it when I bought it at TJ Maxx!!

A: I’m sorry!  I just forgot. I have been buying that stuff at Costco forever but then I got tired of it because the bottles are huge.

M: Well it’s brand new information for my goldfish brain so I am excited except I don’t have a Costco membership.

A: I just make Kate buy me stuff.

A: I just searched the blog and maybe I never mentioned it? I am angry at myself. 

M: That makes me feel better

A: I’ve let everyone down

M: Way to go, Red

A: I am a monster

M: The more important thing is *I* feel better that I didn’t just forget.

A: I am certain I must have told you at some point.

M: Lalalala can’t hear you.

A: ANYWAY, I have giant bottles of the stuff that I’ll never use up so just come over and wash your hair any time.

M: What a generous offer!

M: I mean with how often I wash my hair driving 7 hours to do it might work.

A: It’s an option that’s open to you, is all I’m saying.

M: True friend


*my referral code! Just FYI  I was not given the box - I paid for it with my own dollars. 


  1. Holy crap! I didn't know that about the Costco shampoo. That Pureology shampoo is my fav, but it's so pricey.

  2. I have the Felina bralettes and they are pretty good. I'm a D cup and bought a large. I wish the cup area was a tiny bit bigger, but they are supportive and cute. They aren't bad (especially for the price).

  3. I think I need a "how to wear a bralette as a 35 yo" tutorial...

  4. Why did Forever 35 jump the shark for you? I listen to it occasionally and I’m very curious!

    1. I still listen to it but something about the "Delicious Dish" vibe started wearing on me. All the oooohing and aaaahing. But they are pretty sincere and I do still listen.

  5. How is the sizing on the huaraches? TTS? They say on their website they've fixed their sizing, do you find that to be accurate? They're adorable!

    1. Marianne said they're a tight true-to-size and will definitely stretch a bit.


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