Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We Discuss: Call Me By Your Name

M: This was my latest Elio’s Mom purchase:

A: Oh, pretty!

M: I am trying to embrace my hips/ass. It’s hard

A: What to wear on top, tho

M: A tucked in blouse. Going full 80’s Mom.

A: Sweet

M: But an Italian/French 80’s Mom

A: I'm struggling with switching the silhouette

M: I know me too

M: But, it can be done

A: I love my boyfriend jeans! So freeing

M: I wore my challenging wife leg crop jeans

M: Wife leg


M: Jesus

A: Wife leg!

A: Like mom jeans without kids

M: Hahaha yes!

M: Anyway I don’t think I have the right jacket. All my jackets are too long

A: Hmm, a jacket hole you say?

M: I know a shocking hole in my jacket wardrobe

A: You need a short jacket man

M: I know, I really do

M: But I need a SHORT jacket I’m bad at this

A: Yes, maybe a bomber?

M: Bombers aren’t usually good on me

M: I need something a little boxy or swingy

A: Gotcha

M: I need that damn mythical jacket


M: Fitted in the shoulder but skimming the hips


M: Still working on my 80’s Italian Mom look:

M: It’s a smidge tight on top but I think I just need snaps or hook and eye between the buttons

A: I like that on you!

M: I really like it. It's this one from Nordstrom:

A: So pretty! I love the neckline

M: I bet it’s taped down haha

M: Completing my Elio’s Mom look:

A: Ha, my mom, sister and I allllll had those sandals in the 80s

M: You still need to watch Call Me By Your Name so you understand

A: I know, I know! I will make that my goal on Sunday

M: I bought them last year and still love them. Target!

A: Are they leather?

A: No, I don’t think

A: Dang, they look like leather. Universal Thread has a pair kinda like them.

M: Oh they are very convincing and they are comfortable




A: Finally watching Call Me By Your Name...

M: Yes!!

A: I want this life, pls

M: Listen I know

M: It’s a problem

A: Visually it's fucking incredible and they've nailed the best of 80s fashion

M: I knooooow


A: Let's go swimming in Italy

M: Yes okay

M: I literally just started the movie in the middle

M: You see that Annella is my spirit animal yes

A: Yes, of course!


M: Sorry, I’ll let you watch!

A: It’s okay!  It's really something.

M: Let’s swim in Italy and smoke and wear shorts


M: 🚬

M: Poor sweet Marzia

A: I know!

M: Am I your girl?

A: It's nearly over

A: The convo between Elio and his dad!

M: Oh dude

M: That messed me up for like days

A: 😭

A: New Wave Elio is great tho

M: Also this bandeau  and culottes moment is giving me life

A: Yes!!

M: So obsessed with her

A: This is the kind of movie that needs multiple viewings

A: I know I missed stuff

M: I have watched it too many times

M: And I still notice new things

M: It’s also just so pretty and the music is perfect

A: Yes, all that

A: I'm sad that it's over

A: We'll have to watch it together sometime

M: Yes please!

M: I obviously own it

M: Armie Hammer is not my type but I’d hit it

A: Nope and YEP


A: Haaaaaa

M: An accurate representation of how I feel RN

A: That gif is everything

M: Hahaha


  1. Guys I’m still a wreck over this movie. Elioelioelio.

    1. I am dying to watch it again but I'm not sure my heart can take it yet.

  2. The book is very good, too! I read it after I watched the movie and it wasn't a bad experience.

    1. the audiobook is wonderful as well. armie is the narrator.

  3. Now I need Elio's mom sandals, but leather. Any suggestions?

  4. I watched it today guys! Bought the soundtrack


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