Monday, February 19, 2018

We Discuss: More Universal Thread Stuff (Sorry/Not Sorry)

A: I'm at Target. Help.

M: Haha

A: The Madewell dupe jeans have potential, but I need a size down:

M: Oh those are CUTE

A: And this top is a thing:

M: I was curious about that one. So cute.

A: Like, goddammit, Target

M: Are those distressed jeans from there too? Shit.

A: Yes!

M: I might need that floaty striped top.

A: I also like this plaid shirt a medium amount:

M: I mean it’s fine. Pretty basic.

M: But if you aren’t sure don’t do it.

A: Do I get the striped top? So cute, not sure it’s me.

M: I really like it but it is a departure for you.

M: Dammit targetttttt


A: I just got the denim jacket. Gonna order the first pair of jeans.

M: Yayyyy twinz

M: The shoes:

A: Those are great!

M: They are perfect for $30 and fit my feet better than the Free People ones.

M: Just ordered two shirts and two pairs of earrings whoops.

A: Ha

M: Hashtag investment pieces


M: I got two new Universal Thread shirts came AND the earrings and they are all great.

A: Dammit Target

M: I’m not certain this top is the best cut for me but I like it:

M: And the floaty red stripe one you tried on is 👌🏻

A: Yes! That red top had to be yours.

M: Smaller than I expected but super cute for $8:


A: Now I kinda wish I’d bought the red top.

M: The red top isn’t going anywhere.

A: Oh! I got the Target Madewell dupe jeans.

M: Yay!

A: They're pretty good, though I'm not sure they do amazing things for my ass.

A: But $28

M: Yes but if you don’t love them return!!

A: I'll try them on again and maybe take obsessive pics to send to you.

M: I expect nothing less


  1. I bought the Madewell dupes. I like them, but I have a feeling by the third time I wear them it's going to be sag city.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm keeping them but I love that they exist.