Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We Discuss: Beauty Stuff

M: I DOUBLE MASKED tonight so that stupid podcast is working

M: I also used my sparkly oil

A: Hahaaaa

M: Which is so stupidly overpriced

M: And did not magically make me a goddess

M: But smells nice and the bottle is pretty

A: It's giving you joy

A: That's all it's supposed to do

A: I bought P50 PIGM and some face oil from The Ordinary

A: Stupid podcasts

M: It smells like sunscreen in a good way

A: I just bought really expensive foundation. Deleting all beauty podcasts.


M: Which one 🙈

A: By Terry Sheer Expert

M: Eep


M: Well, for her it might be but return that shit of it doesn’t work for you

A: Oh I definitely will

M: That’s what happened with me and the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation

M: Which is also “the best”

A: Oh, fuck that stuff

A: I tried it

M: Hated it

A: I'll return if it's not life-changing

M: I want a full report

A: Of course

M: I have to go to Ulta and at least get a travel size of my CC cream while I figure out if I want to try something new

A: I found that cc cream too heavy for me - it never set

M: Yeah I have to use a brush and be sparing

A: Ah, yes

M: I’m also going to get the travel size of that Monsieur Big mascara

A: I gave in and rebought the Fairy Drops mascara

M: Nice

M: I will probably just rebuy Tarteist again

A: I think I'm getting that in my Allure box this month!

M: It’s good. I really like the brush and formula, not clumpy and you can really layer it on.

A: Cool.

A: I really have to stop buying shit.

M: Me tooooo

M: Ever wonder who shops in airports? People stuck in them

A: What did you buy?

M: Tinted lip balm at Kiehl's. This shit is good:

A: Ooh!

A: Oh! I forgot to tell you. After numerous emails and calls I did get my Jan Allure box with the full-sized Sunday Riley serum.

M: Well done!

A: There are a couple of things in the box I'll save for you as well

A: I have, like, four lipsticks for you to try

M: Oh yay

 A: Did you get that Sephora bold lip sampler box?

M: No

A: Spoiler: Most of them did not work for me

M: Hahahaha


  1. Ugh. That bold lip sampler was the WORST for me. I guess my idea of bold and Sephora’s are totally different. I looked like a Goth Granny with most of the products in that kit. So disappointing.

    1. Wasn't it a bummer? Everything was SO dark and SO matte and I really should have returned it.

  2. Delurking to write that Monsieur Big is nothing special. Have you tried Superhero by IT Cosmetics? I like that a lot, along with a La Roche Posay (sp?) mascara that I got from Amazon. Currently trying the Marc Jacobs velvet mascara and the jury is still out.

    1. I like the way the Marc Jacobs mascara looks on my lashes, but it's SO wet. I wish they made a waterproof version.

    2. YES. I made a huge angry mess with MJ mascara.

  3. I need someone to help me with that It CC cream! I think it's too heavy too; what kind of brush applicator do you use for it? I bought the squishy wedge things to apply it but it still looks super caked on :/

  4. I love the Rosehip Oil from The Ordinary! I have 40 year old oily skin and I was nervous because I once read that rosehip oil could cause breakouts, but I haven't had any issue. It smells lovely, soaks in well and hydrates, and I wake up with soft but not greasy skin in the morning. I tried their Argan Oil first and while the texture was fine and it didn't break me out, it smelled like rotting fruit! I just couldn't get over it. I don't like to waste anything, so I've started adding 1/2 dropper to my Hyaluronic Acid from Chemistry when I moisturize my legs (so it's far from my nose and covered by pants or tights) and it's okay, but I won't replace it when it's gone. Even though I love the Rosehip Oil, I'm going to try the Marula Oil next...