Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Sort of Like Spring

The weather has grudgingly admitted that spring might be coming so to celebrate I wore a lot of grey and some shoes that are not boots. Whee: 

That's cute though, right? I'm wearing a Joie blouse I bought for a song on Poshmark and I love it except that I can't button the sleeves because apparently I have giant man arms. (I'm just going to move the buttons, I guess.) There are a few of these on eBay and PM but you could go for something similar like this Joie blouse with long sleeves or this pretty floral with crazy sleeves or this short sleeve blouse with a good grey print. Or, you could go for a similar dark floral like this Gap blouse or this cute top from ModCloth.

Now, what I really want to talk about are the jeans I'm wearing. I bought them from Banana Republic because I missed having a pair of charcoal jeans and liked the fit of the jeans I'd tried on recently.  I ordered the Skinny Zero Gravity Ankle Jean in the dark grey wash and they are GOOD. They were 40% off when I bought them but stupidly are not on sale right this second. (Give it a day or two and they will be. Never buy full price at BR!) I also ordered the medium wash but they sent me the dark wash instead so I sent them back. Annoying. Anyway, the Zero Gravity jeans are great - they are really comfortable, have a reasonable mid-rise and they keep their shape. 

Have you checked out the Universal Thread denim jacket yet? YOU GUYS. IT'S NECESSARY. I'm wearing a size medium and I love that I can button it up comfortably. It also comes in plus sizes and in a lighter wash. I guess technically I'm doing a Texas Tuxedo but the denims are different colors and also who cares. Details:

This might be the worst detail shot of all time because you can't really see my necklace which is by My Precious Studio. (I talked about it in more detail here). I'm also wearing my Apple Watch because it basically rules my life. On to bag and shoe info:

I'm being boring with my favorite MBMJ bag which is a total workhorse. It can still be found at places like Gilt in various other colors and on NR in the lighter grey orrrrr you could get this beauty instead (which is not technically grey, but details.) If you are a more frugal person than me, this one from Topshop is stylish af.

Okay, my shoes. I've had these Chie Mihara mary janes for about a million years. I should probably retire them but I just love them too much. If you're a size 5, 5.5 or 11 please buy these red Chie pumps. Its mandatory. Otherwise you could do worse than this pair of red pumps from Boden and there's always the red Day Heel from Everlane.

That's it! Now go buy that denim jacket, y'all.

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  1. I bought that denim jacket and the black moto jeggings after reading your review.... you are right - they are so great!


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