Thursday, February 1, 2018

January No-Buy: Going Out With A Fizzle.

M: They have the olive moto pants in black now (in-store only) and I bought them. I am WEAK.


M: Though it’s my first cheat and its almost February?


M: I saw them at Target and blacked out.

M: I’m not even sorry.

M: I thought I was hallucinating them.

A: I have sucked at this no-buy.

M: Haha

A: I mean, mostly I’m spending Poshmark credit, but it’s still shopping.

M: You can’t really tell these are moto pants in the picture but I love them. They are a little tighter than the green ones tho:

A: I had to size up in the green. They look great!

A: Is it still January? I hadn’t noticed.

M: It’s basically February.

A: I mean.

M: I am wearing mine again today.

A: Same.

M: You know I don’t really do cheap bags, but I think this is so pretty:

M: Also is it spring yet?

A: Pretty! And no. No it is not.


  1. Ugh now I am going to have to look for those dumb pants next time I am in Target. Thanks ladies :) Also, really enjoying the matt leblanc gif's as I just watched Episodes on Netflix. I recommend it! Joey never did it for me, but silver fox leblanc is pretty hot (but wayyy douchey).

    1. Joey was always my favorite just because he was the nicest of the guys on Friends. I'll have to check out Episodes, thanks!

  2. I think these are the black moto jeggings? I ordered them because I got the green ones on your advice and love them, so hopefully they are the same awesomeness as the green ones!

    1. Yes, those are the ones! They weren’t online until just a few days ago.