Monday, February 26, 2018

We Discuss: Our Draws.

M: Tell me about those Aerie draws—did you not like how high waisted they were? I have really got to find some new underwear

A: Yeah, too much rise for me. They were crazy.  I bought a bunch of different styles when they had a big sale.

M: I was looking at the Boybriefs.

A:  I tried a few different versions of the Boybriefs -some good, some too low.

M: Also intrigued by these:

A: I do have a pair of those. They're fine.

M: Just fine?

A: Comfy, not amaaaaazing because they slide down.

M: Hm

A: But they are comfortable

A: I have a couple pairs of the lace waistband bikini style and like those

M: Kk

M: Maybe I’ll just try a bunch

A: Yep, that's what I did - got a bunch of different styles

M: For 3.50 apiece and hopefully find my one true underwear

A: It was a while ago so I can't remember exactly what I got.

M: I hate that

M: Please let me find something that works because you would scold my underwear drawer like I scold your old makeup.

A: Haaaa. Underwear is hard!

M: The Aerie underwear, for the most part, is GREAT

A: Oh, good!!

M: I may place another order with my faves and just have a drawer of underwear I like, how novel.

A: I need to do another clean out because I have some SUPER sad shit in that drawer.

A: Which styles did you like?

M: I think we probably have different underwear styles but these were my #1:

M: I like all the boybriefs though but these the most

A: Those are cute! I’m not sure I tried that version.

M: But I also liked the real me ones that you weren’t sold on

A: I like those, I just find they don’t stay up on me. I got a medium and they’re REALLY stretchy.

A: Wait, I did get a pair of the lace boybrief and they’re pretty low.

M: Some boy briefs were a bit lower than others for sure.

A: The ones i like best are the bikini:

A: Though the ones I got were higher waisted.

M: High legs go up my butt because my hips are big.

A: I ordered mine last fall so everything has changed. I paid less than $4 a pair, though, and I’m pretty happy about what I got except for the high-rise stuff.

M: Yes I got one of those and they are kind of hilarious but it’s okay

A: The next time they have a crazy sale I’ll probably order up a bunch more. For the money they’re quite good

M: I agree

M: They are 5 for $25 right now but I got 10 for $35 and free shipping.

A: Dang!

M: But still, a good deal and I like them a lot more than the Target ones I’ve tried.

A: Ugh, I just filled an Aerie shopping cart full of underwear and fled.

M: Haha

A: I have TWO pairs of the style that doesn’t work for me in there. Like, what is wrong with my brain.

M: Adrien

M: No

M: Don’t do that

A: Oh, I’m not. I just added stuff I thought was cute and then was like, DUH.

A: I didn’t buy anything. Yet.

M: Haha

M: Update: I just went to Aerie and bought five more pairs of underwear and tossed almost all of my old ones

A: You're making me think hard about my underwear drawer.

M: It is refreshing to open it and not have to pick through pairs I don’t like as much.

A: I just threw away five pairs of sad old Hanky Panky underwear.

M: Yessss

A: I'd stopped wearing them but instead of tossing I just pushed them aside repeatedly.

M: It feels wrong to just throw them away! But so good.

M: When I packed I literally just grabbed 8 pairs of underwear without really looking. So freeing!

A: That is amazing. 🙌


  1. Ok, so full disclosure, I work for American Eagle/aerie. I love the aerie boybriefs. It's basically the perfect underwear for me. I can't believe that I went so long without these in my life! I'm not a huge fan of anything with lace so I stay away from those. The real me and seamless undies are my go-to picks.

    1. Nice! And confession: Today I'm wearing the pair that I thought were too low and I actually really like them.

  2. YES! After shopping for my daughter in Aerie for several years, I finally realized HEY THIS STUFF IS CUTE, I SHOULD BUY SOME FOR MYSELF. Big fan of their lace waisted boyshorts. And I LOVE their workout leggings. (I bought some with a fleece-ish inside this past winter, and they're my most favorite leggings ever.)

    They also have really cute swimsuits.

  3. does anyone else have issues with non-cotton undies??

    1. Yes! Not a fan of non-cotton, don't like the feel. But...I'm also allergic to latex, so rubber around leg holes/waist is a big problem. And cotton undies usually have latex elastics, so...I'm doomed, basically! Why are undies so hard??

  4. I love the Aerie lace bikinis when they are new, but after a few months the lace starts to rip and then gets all ratty. Does anyone else have this problem? I know they are cheap, but I still want them to last longer.

    1. Are you putting them in the dryer? If so, don't! The heat will kill stretch lace. Otherwise I'd recommend washing your underwear in a mesh bag. It's a pain, but will help them to last longer.

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  5. I am small of boob and the Aerie bras fit me really well. I need to try the underwear. I like the Soma ones, but they are so pricey.

  6. It was Aerie for years for me, but then they are cut Juniors-style. For an adult-friendly version I highly recommend the Gap Breathe Hipster. Get the same size as in Aerie.

    They feel thin as anything (like going commando, tbh), so hardly any VPL, but barely budge throughout the day. And they're higher than Aerie with being Bridget Jones granny pants. Also, they have them in neutrals to match your bras, or they come out in new cute prints all the time.

    1. I actually have some of the Gap breathe underwear and it's fine. (I am mostly underwhelmed by all my underthings, apparently.)

  7. *without* being Bridget Jones granny pants


  8. I’ve also been struggling with underwears lately and I bought a few pairs of free press undies from Nordstrom rack and I’ve really been liking them. I’ve tried a few styles and I’ve liked them all so I feel confident in recommending them!


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