Thursday, February 15, 2018

Outfit of the Day: High/Low and Local.

Hey y'all! I am late getting an outfit post up but it WILL NOT STOP RAINING so it's been too dark in the mornings to get decent photos. Very annoying, I hate winter, etc. I realized that I hadn't worn my new black Mossimo moto pants for the blog so gonna take care of that right now:

If you're not a fan you're probably waiting for our love of the moto jegging to die a fiery death but SORRY/NOT SORRY I love my black pair as much as my olive pair.  I mean, I know they're a knockoff of the Joie version but for $30 I can't resist. They're really comfortable and hit me at the exact right place to wear with ankle boots. Plus, I love the zipper details.  Oh, and they come in grey too. And! The camo jeggings are on clearance now. Dammit, Target. 

I am also wearing one of my LOFT utility blouses which are one of those things that you don't know you need until you need. I have two and they're so easy! Machine washable, never need ironing, always ready when you need to grab and go. They have some good ones right now - I dig this tiny floral print and crap, how good is this striped version! I also love this tipped print and the bright red with the wide cuffs is kinda fun.  

Daniel says hi. He's never met a pair of black pants that didn't need a little more cat hair. Details:

My bag is my eBay rescued Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio that I still can't believe I scored. There's a bunch on eBay but I would go for this beautiful taupe version that's crazy cheap. My boots are...a story. Remember when I recently posted a new pair of Madewell Ainsley boots I found on Poshmark? They were perfect and beautiful and too freaking narrow for my dumb fat feet. I sold them because nobody needs painful boots. I'm wearing their replacement, the Cole Haan Landsman boot that Kate found at Costco for $20. I am not even kidding. And they're good! Not quite as sleek but much more comfortable.

And yes! Here is the awesome Universal Thread denim jacket. Marianne bought it and then I immediately copied her because I'm that friend. It's so good, you guys. I'm wearing a medium because I wanted to be able to layer under it and I love that I can button it up easily. The denim is soft and a little distressed and it's a total steal at $29.99. It looks and feels expensive. It also comes in a light wash

This detail picture isn't very good because it's hard to see my awesome necklace combo. I'm wearing two My Precious Studio pieces made locally by my friend Tere: 

The little silver wings I've had for years but I just recently bought the lightning bolt heart (small version here). It just needed to be mine! Here pictures are much better than mine, so please check out her her Instagram account. She makes the most badass jewelry that you can wear forever. Also, she has cute cats. 

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