Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stuff I Like: Listening, Lighting, Eating, Chopping.

I like stuff! I have a lot to talk about but not a lot of time so I'm going to pick a few real quick and get going with it. But, before I do I just want to say that this month's Allure Beauty Box is SO SO GOOD but by the time I get it and try everything out in order to review it, the month is over. If you've been thinking about it, just go for it. (FYIL I don't get kickbacks, I just really like the box.) Now, on with the post:

These Dude Candles I Found At TJ Maxx
I found this odd line of dude candles at TJ Maxx that I completely love. You can see the varieties and scents here on Amazon but I found them in white glass containers for $4.99 at TJ Maxx, so I'd recommend that. They aren't crazy fragrant and the white glass is soothingly neutral and glows nicely when they burn down. The scents are pretty unisex - not too sweet or too musky, just a nice middle ground. I bought Polished and Charming and like them both. Also! With my Barney's gift card I got the Diptyque Feu du Bois candle and it is SO good. It smells like a wood fire in a good way.

This Other Podcast That Will Make You Buy Things
I have been blowing through episodes of Fat Mascara lately and it's really good! These ladies are actual beauty editors and, man, they really like their makeup. It can go a little woo-woo Los Angeles but I really enjoyed this episode with Molly Ringwald (did you know she's written a book?) and this one with Sarah Brown. It will make you want to buy things though, just be warned.

This Snack I'm Obsessed With
Marianne and I are both on austerity measures right now so we talk about food as much as we talk about clothes and makeup. She recently suggested these Nonni's ThinAddictives cookie things and you GUY. They're so tasty! They're basically very thin slices of biscotti and they're packaged in 100 calorie packs which I find insulting and also very convenient. You can just throw a pack in your lunch bag and you have a crunchy sweet treat for later. (I mean, they ain't doughnuts but what can you do.)

A Few Kitchen Things I Love
I haven't talked about kitchen stuff lately but I have talked about my favorite knife quite a bit. It's really worth spending money on the Wusthof Ikon line, I promise. It will change your cooking game. I recently got a birthday gift card to Crate & Barrel and used it towards the paring knife from that set and OMG who knew I needed a paring knife so badly? It's a great little tool. I had been considering the bread knife because mine is such crap but Marianne convinced me to buy this one from OXO instead and she was totally right, because getting serrated knives sharpened is hard and expensive.  The OXO bread knife is awesome and so inexpensive.

One more thing: please just buy the pre-cut squares of parchment paper. They are the BEST THING EVER. No more trying to cut the right size or struggling with the roll - the work is done for you. It's the best and I literally do not care if it costs more. It's worth it.

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