Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We Discuss: Barneys and Fancy AF Candles.

A: So, Barneys thinks I’m a rich person, I guess?

A: Can’t be used for cosmetics. ๐Ÿ˜•

M: What the what!

A: I know! It’s kind of mean though, because what can you get at Barneys for $100?

A: Maybe sneakers?

M: Oh I could find some stuff. There’s no minimum?

A: Nope

M: Still I bet there’s a great white t-shirt you’d never spend that much on.

M: Ooh, that’s an idea

A: Options I thought of - fancy candles, sneakers, an overpriced but wicked cute Comme des Garcon striped shirt

M: Ooooh fancy candles.

A: So many fancy candles!

M: I’m a garbage person and I’d totally buy a fancy candle or two.

A: But the ones I love best are $200+ which is INSANE. IT’S A CANDLE.

M: Shit

A: But they have Diptyque which are lovely and reasonably priced by Barneys standards

M: How is Barneys still in business.

M: ANYWAY here’s a fine t-shirt but a candle may bring you more joy:

M: Unlike this which is SOLD OUT other than a size zero so:

A: Haaaaa

A: I’m going to do more looking around. My favorite was a cotton bralette for $90.

M: No no no

M: I mean I like this for like $20:

A: Yeeeeah

A: My other fav was…wait. I just need to show you:

M: Haaaaaa

M: I’ll make you that

A: It legit makes me sad that some dumb rich person would spend $85 on an #OMG paperweight.


A: Have it already!

M: Ha of course

A: This feels like a challenge.

M: I’m up for it

A: ๐Ÿ˜ญ

M: Fornasetti is a lie

M: Don’t do it

A: Oh, it’s too expensive - I would never!

M: Pretty tho

A: I mean, it can’t smell that great.

M: Nah it’s just for the container and even then its screen printed not hand painted.

A: Pshhhh

M: Just sayinnnnng I love Fornasetti but it kind of pisses me off.

A: No, you’re right, that’s ridiculous.

A: I’ll probably just buy a couple of Diptique candles after I obsess endlessly about the different scents.

M: That’s what I would do.

A: I mean, Basic Blogger for sure, but they feel fauncee and I’d never spend that on candles IRL.

M: I really love a fancy af candle.


  1. This last October I stayed in a a gorgeous Air BnB in Naples Italy that had the odd Fornasetti tile dotted about the kitchen on the walls and floor, and I have been wanting to buy one little Fornasetti thing since then as a kind of souvenir. I *almost* bought a candle and then regained my sanity at the last minute. I also partially blame Kim France and her Fornasetti obsession. My reasoning on the candle was that the vessel could be somewhat useful after the candle was gone, but who am I kidding?

    1. It's totally Kim France's fault! I just think they're weird and cool and beautiful but ugh, I cannot spend that much on a candle even with a $100 discount. Sigh.

  2. Here I sit fretting over spending $20 on my favorite Paddywax pomegranate and spruce candle. But I tried their Target line and the scent was gone in a day and it was still $14.99 for a 2 oz. candle.

    1. Sounds like it's definitely worth spending the extra $5 on the candle you already love!