Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Sometimes You Have To Try Something New.

Remember that Loft sale I posted about last week? I bought a few things from it, one of which I was certain I'd be returning. I mean, satin cargo pants? How are those words even next to each other? But the reviews were positive and for freaking $7.50 I figured they were worth a shot:

I LOVE THEM. It's the closest I've ever come to achieving pajamas at work. They're super comfortable but also feel fashion forward and sleek. Tragically, they're completely sold out online, though I suspect you might still find them in-store. For something similar, this pair in olive on NR has the same slinky vibe and this pair of tencel joggers look like pants you could absolutely live in. And you know what? I usually steer clear of Forever21 but these are a dead ringer. Finally, Lou & Grey offer up these beautiful satin pants which, let's be honest, are just fancy pajamas. (You could do worse.)

I'm wearing my James Perse long-sleeved tee which is probably the nicest t-shirt I own, though the neckline is bit lower than I prefer. Why can't I find a perfect long-sleeved 100% cotton t-shirt? It's so annoying. I might give this one at Nordstrom a try but I've basically given up. 

One of my other Loft purchases is this dashed kimono thingy I'm wearing. It's very flowy and a bit over the top - the kind of thing you can throw over a tee and jeans and just like that, you fancy. Loft has really gotten into kimono-type things:  this velvet kimono wrap looks cozy and this floral kimono would work well into spring. And, of course I regret that I didn't order this sweatshirt kimono because that would be Lounging Level Achieved. On to details:

I went pretty minimal with the jewelry today. Just my little Madewell star necklace and a longer pendant from Banana. Both are sold out but I love this tiny star necklace from Madewell and this beaded lariat would work great in combination. I also dig this layered necklace which takes care of the guesswork and tangled chains.

My boots and bag are boring today - the same stuff I wear all the time! My boots are Madewell Lucien and are very similar to the current Pauline style. My bag is a MBMJ hobo and I adore it. There are still a few available on Gilt and of course on eBay and the like. For another grey bag alternative, this Botkier hobo is on sale and how about this suede hobo for $80? So cute. 

That's it for today! If you feel so inclined, please tell me your favorite source for perfect long-sleeved tees, preferably cotton with a scoop or v-neck. (Seriously, WTF EVERLANE. GET ON THIS.) 


  1. For long sleeve tees the Caslon tee at Nordstrom is what did the trick for me. They are a little thick so if you want thinner then the Gap is pretty good. I've heard good things about Uniqlo but haven't tried myself.

    1. I definitely need to try the Caslon tees. Thanks!

  2. I've had really good luck with J.Crew's painter and vintage tshirts in long sleeve (although, it must be said, they are often cut off grain which can look wonky in the brighter colors). I also like Loft's basic long sleeve t-shirts, but they are thin. I find them second hand on thredup all the time, in lots of different colors.

  3. I like J Crew Factory artist tees. I prefer the cut to the regular retail painter tee. It's a little longer in the arm and he fabric doesn't feel as delicate to me. Usually cheaper, too.