Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation, all I ever wanted.

Sorry! Sorry to be so slack and not update for days and days and daaaaaaaays. But I'm on vacation and have been wearing nothing anyone would want to take a photo of. But! I do have some photos to share from my shopping adventures with Marianne. We didn't do as much shopping as we wanted to, but we did hit up two different TJ Maxx stores in pursuit of almost nothing, as it turns out.

Here, we both tried on completely ill-fitting crap from the clearance rack:

And yet another weird combo from the clearance rack:

That giant skirt I'm wearing? Was a size 6. I think perhaps it was mislabeled because, uh, no.  Marianne tried on a really freaking cute Calvin Klein (?) dress that I think she should probably have bought:

It looks great on her! Dang, I really should have made her buy it. We both tried on the world's most unfortunate Max Studio dress:

Wow, could it be more unflattering? It looked really cute on the hanger too.

Okay, now a lesson for you all. If you are out shopping with a friend here are words you should never hear: "I want to find a romper for you to try on." A true friend would never say this MARIANNE.  I was all, "oh really? OH REALLY." And then I challenged her to find me a freaking romper to try on and OH MY GOD. The following photos are NSFW. Also, NSFC. Also, NSFA. You've been warned:

Holy God, that thing is so beyond too small. I am wedged into it. I think I might have used a shoehorn. I am uncertain how I got out because I blacked out at one point. Then. Oh, then. There was this:

Yes, that's right. It gives me weird headlight boobs and a polterwang. I don't EVEN KNOW why this was manufactured. I love that you can see Marianne laughing at me in the background. She is so not my friend. But I miss her anyway.


  1. You actually look pretty cute in that first picture. The skirt I'm wearing totally gave me a gunt. But I'm laughing all over again at the rompers. I miss you!

  2. POLTERWANG!!!!!

    I love you, Adrien.

  3. Cute update! I love it when I laugh out loud all alone in my family room.

    Welcome home!

  4. polterwang is the best word ever!

  5. This was such a sweet post! Totally made me smile. Thank you for that!