Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marianne: Meeting Place Tank review

Like the rest of the known world, apparently, I bought anthropologie's Meeting Place Tank when it went on sale a few weeks back. And, of course, it was backordered. For a while there I didn't even think I would get it, I have not had the best luck with backordered items from anthropologie, but here it is!
And...I like it pretty okay. Mostly. I wish the little drapey/dangly bit was more like in the product shot, rather than a kind of tacked on looking piece.
It almost feels a little big on me, which is ridiculous because I am definitely a size medium, y'all. Looking at these pictures, though, makes me think I just need to fiddle with it some more. Pull down the right side and hitch up the dangly part a little. I don't know. And then there is the issue that I had no idea what to wear this with and went with white jeans out of desperation. What I'd really like is a denim pencil skirt. I think. Maybe.

So, not the most glowing review, even though I do actually like the top. I just don't LOVE it like I thought I would.

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  1. It looks nice with the white jeans but a dark denim pencil skirt with some stretch is pretty much the best thing ever.