Saturday, July 3, 2010

Adrien: Self-portrait

You know what's hard? Taking a photo with no tripod. Completely stupid. But, I went out to meet some friends for dinner the other night and wanted to take an outfit shot and my husband was not available. I tried a few different shots with ridiculous results, so I finally just plunked the camera down on my car, set the timer, sprinted out into the lawn and hoped for the best. Uh:

Well, yeah. Not great. But I like my outfit okay. It's my first foray into the jean legging thing and I don't think it's too horrifying? I hope not, because I went out in public wearing that.

jeans: James Jeans Twiggy 5 Pocket
top: so ancient I don't remember
cardigan: Old Navy
sandals: Ann Taylor
necklace: Keen Designs

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