Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marianne: That 70's Show

I've always really liked this skirt, even though the cut is straight out of the '70's. High waisted, full skirted, medium blue denim, hitting below the knee.
Comfortable, yes, but is it flattering? I always thought so but these pictures give me pause.
The sweater is ancient, at least 7 years old, but this is why I never get rid of anything. It's embellished and looks like I could have bought it at any number of places in the past year. Score!

sweater: Max Studio
t-shirt: Old Navy
skirt: Tulle
belt: LOFT
shoes: Sofft


  1. I think the skirt is really cute and versatile. I think you may not like the photos because of the angle. The first especially one looks like the camera was pointing up and that's never the most flattering.

  2. Oh, it's cute on you! It hits you right at the knee, too, which is a perfect length.

  3. Oh I think it looks super cute on you too! I can see it paired with creams and hot brown boots for Fall too!

  4. I'm very into this look! I love the 70s evocation but I think it looks positively modern because of the proportions of the cardigan.

  5. From the pictures it looks like the skirt hits right at the knee, not below it, and it's quite flattering on you. I like it a lot!


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