Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adrien: Anthro, why can't I quit you?

I had some stuff to return to Anthro so I decided to check out the latest sale room fodder, even though I knew it was a bad idea. Woo.

I was so happy to see the High Seas Dress on the sale rack in a size XS! I'd read that it ran big so I gave it a try. WOE. It technically fit, but it was puffy. Very puffy. No. Sadness:

Ah, the Climbing Cowlneck. I just can't seem to give up on this one. I was eventually able to order the XS (sizing down fixed the sleeve-falling-down issue) but it clung to my gut, which I hate more than anything. I was happy to see a size small the pink (a gorgeous pink) while in the store so I tried that on:

Um, now it falls down AND clings to my gut. I give up. No, really. I love this top but not on me. I'm wearing it with the Joe's Raw Hem Kicker jeans which I liked, but I'm not gonna spent $100 on jeans that someone else cut apart. I can cut my own jeans, thanks very much.

I tried on the Keep It Simple Tunic because it was breezy and pretty and I love the color:

Eh. Not so much me, but I can see it being cute on someone else. Finally, I succumbed to my lust and tried on the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress which I've been eyeing for a while. (It's not on sale, yo.) Disastrous:

Reading the reviews, I see I had the same issue with this that most had - it runs really freaking crazy big... except in the sleeves. I'm wearing a 6 in this photo and could easily have sized down to a 2. But, the sleeves in the 6 fit snugly, so maybe not. Disappointing.

So that's that. Another week with no temptation from the Anthro front. Oh! But I do have a little something to share:

LOOKY. I put hooks in and they're great! Totally solved the bag storage problem. Thanks for the suggestions, folks.

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  1. Wow! That bag organization is awesome! That gives me ideas. Thanks for the picture!