Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reader Question: What Should I Buy for BlogHer?

The divine Samantha of Back To Me writes:

When I have no money I can find a bajillion outfits. Now that I'm DYING to spend it I find NOTHING. I've exhausted Target, LOFT, J Crew and Gap, all my go-tos.

I need help. I want an outfit. If I can wear it to work it's a bonus. A pair of dressy jeans that don't cost a bajillion dollars. A fun necklace or scarf or something. MAYBE cheapo fun shoes but comfy as this is for BlogHer and beyond.

Doesn't seem that hard. Any other places to look that I haven't tried that AREN'T a million dollars? Sigh. Extra credit if you actually put an outfit together FOR me and I'll love you forever.

I'm not fat by any means but I just went up a size and am so squishy and unhappy with my body which is making this even worse. So nothing skintight and whore-ish. Shocking, I know.

Kisses in advance, Sam

Well, I LOVE a challenge. First, it has to be said, Samantha is petite and adorable and completely fun and easy to shop for. I immediately thought of some places that she hadn't considered yet, namely Shop Ruche, Forever 21, and Land's End Canvas. I thought that a combination of items from these stores would give Samantha the versatile, hip, and affordable look she was yearning for, while still staying in her comfort zone.

I started by looking for a fun top that would highlight Samantha's nice shoulders and collarbone while skimming over her so-called problem areas. A one-shouldered top with expensive looking details will work with a light cardigan during the day, and with a fun necklace and skinny jeans at night. A breezy sheer black and white top also works for day and night, and the cozy knit dolman-sleeved top will be comfy on the plane or in the conference room.

I also picked a general color palette for her to work with. Things that can be mixed and matched, and accessories to tie it all together. The necklace, shoes, and belt are all straight up knock-offs of pricier items and they really pull the outfits together. The scarf is a bit more money, but the color is divine and it's perfect for chilly hotel conference rooms. I love that Sam can wear the brown dress on it's own, or she could belt it and wear it over skinny jeans. I'm pretty sure you could go out of town for two weeks with just these things in your suitcase, if you got creative.

Two pairs of jeans--one dark and straight or skinny legged, one trouser-style white pair. A mini dress straight out of Studio 54 that highlights great legs and will look glam without being hot. And some ruffly heels that match everything and work triple duty as the only heels she'll need on her trip round everything out.

I had the best time working with Samantha to come up with a mood board to inspire her BlogHer purchases. Stay tuned for a guest post from Samantha with pictures of what she ended up buying, and how she ended up wearing it!



  1. Oh my God you should totally hire yourself out for this kind of stuff! I'm going to need help so bad when fall comes around because I haven't updated my wardrobe in nearly two years. How much would you charge me? One arm? Or just one leg? I could trade you some sunglasses for some help (my husband works for a sunglass company). HALP!

  2. Are you kidding? I love spending other people's money! DM me on Twitter with your email and we'll talk.

  3. Yes, we can help! Also, YES SUNGLASSES.

  4. Never had heard of Shop Ruche, but omg how much do I love most of the dresses. Helloooo, it is a swing-dancers paradise up in there! I ordered a bunch of stuff, we will see if any of it fits my big ol' butt.

    My selections:


    hello, I will be cute with wingtip maryjanes

    overpriced, but adorable

    Momentary lapse of sanity, I know. I am totally prepared for none of these to fit me at ALL.

  5. Oh, you did WELL! Super cute stuff! Report back and tell me how it fits, please. I haven't bought anything from them yet but I'm sorely tempted.

  6. Madame Queen, you and I had the exact same idea!!!! Holy crap, I've been wanting someone to fix me like this forEVER - does the Twitter DM offer stand for another total stranger? :-)

  7. Hi there! You can email us through the blog (click "contact us")! We will be doing one of these a month. Glad you enjoy the feature!!

  8. Marianne-- The short story is 1 Win, 1 Mega-Fail and 1 So-So, details to follow soon!