Monday, August 2, 2010

Adrien: What I bought on vacation.

Oh, you thought I didn't do any shopping? I did, and I think I did okay. I've been slowly turning an eye towards fall, mostly because I'm sick of all the summer stuff that's still hanging all sad on the final sale racks.

So! Vacation shopping.  On Knoxville we went to this weird little shoe store, which is where Nordstrom and the like send shoes to die. Most appear to be store returns, some brand new, some clearly not. I found several possible pairs that I wanted to purchase, but in the end just got these for $25:

They're the Clarks answer to the Chie Mihara Serpan, which I own in grey. I love my CM pair but also I'm happy to have something similar (and MUCH cheaper) in a different color.

I also caved and bought the purple Banana Republic dress I posted about recently:

They sent me a 40% off coupon, so I couldn't resist. It arrived today but I haven't had a chance to try it on yet. I'll let you know. I also hit up the local TJ Maxx with a gift card and found another DNKY silk blend Cozy (in brown) for $15:

This time I'm keeping it! I think I'll use it at my desk this winter when they forget to turn the heat on.

Finally, I went to Ann Taylor with my friend Kate over the weekend to help her buy a wedding-appropriate dress. She ended up with several cute dresses. Oops? One of them was this amazing animal-print sheath which I also bought because I'm weak and it's awesome:

I made hesitant noises in the dressing room and the SA handed us both $20 off coupons. How nice was that? It was meant to be. I should also add that I got a peek at Ann Taylor's fall look book and it's ALL LEOPARD. I almost fainted away with joy.

So, what have you bought lately?


  1. Nothing, because YOU WON'T TAKE ME SHOPPING! Also because NOBODY HANDS ME $20 COUPONS. What the hell?

  2. You're not gonna get any coupons with that attitude, missy.

  3. I'm probably buying too much, but since my entire outfit today cost less than $20, I think I'm doing alright. Today I'm wearing a ruffled front, sapphire colored shirt from LOFT ($4.88), an Old Navy denim skirt ($6 consigned), gold belt ($1.50 consigned) and brown shoes ($6 consigned). I also just bought a few things from LOFT during their %30 off sale.

    BTW, returned shoes give me the major weirds.

  4. Cannot believe you scored that DKNY cozy for $15!!! I've wanted one for ages.

  5. Check TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I find them on the clearance racks pretty often.