Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adrien: Grown up and stuff.

I had to look like a grown-up yesterday for a work event, so I pulled out my favorite sheath dress and doctored it up with fun accessories. The only thing I can't seem to get right with this dress is a necklace. Tiny ones completely disappear, while a bold necklace competes with the pattern. I have no idea what the solution is, but here's what it all looked like:

Right after this picture was taken, it started to rain:

Then it started to REALLY rain:

dress: Banana Republic (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar)
belts: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar)
cardigan: no idea. Target?
bag: Marc by Marc Hillier Hobo


  1. Oh dang, I love this dress. I don't think it needs a necklace, really. The belt, shoes, and bracelet add enough interest, accessories-wise. You clean up nice!

  2. I agree with Marianne, I don't think you need a necklace. I think your instinct about competing with the pattern on the dress is spot on.

    LOVE the red accents!

  3. You're so cute I can't stand it. Love the outfit - and those shoes! Oh my!

  4. Instead of a necklace, consider a brooch of some sort. I could see a red flower, for some reason.

  5. I have two necklaces that work with this dress. The first is my scarab pendant. If you go to my fb, I think I'm wearing that combination for my MLIS graduation. I have another, a gunmetal grey, multistranded necklace that works well.

  6. Thanks, all! Lisa and Page, both really good ideas. I love that you guys can solve my problems.

  7. Love the outfit! I don't think you need a necklace but if you feel like you need one to complete the look, I would try a chunky choker like this one: