Friday, August 6, 2010

Adrien: High Maintenance.

Hooray for Friday, right? Okay, so I'm actually pretty happy with how this outfit turned photos. In real life, though, it's fussy as hell. The cloth belt I'm wearing loosens up all on it's own and the heavy beading on my tank pulls it down, so I'm constantly readjusting myself. Still, it was cute for the photo:

The belt came off before I even got to work.

tank: Old Navy
skirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Talbots
shoes: Chie Mihara
bag: Marc Jacobs
belt: handmade, I don't remember by who


  1. Oh damn, I super love this. I hate when I'm constantly readjusting my outfit, though.

  2. Could you pin the belt? Maybe with a safety pin from the back? That might keep it from slipping. Because that is a really cute outfit.

  3. For some reason, I feel like this outfit makes you look sassy. Maybe it's the red shoes.

    I love it! I love the color combination, the green and navy with the pop of red. So unexpected but they're fantastic together.

  4. Thanks!

    And yeah, in the future I think the belt needs pinning. I just couldn't handle the constant reajustments.

  5. I love the belt and I love the shoes but man do I hate when pieces force me into a fussy state of being. haha