Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marianne: what I NEED for fall.

Notice that says NEED, not want. Due to some (good) changes in my life, I have less of a budget for fall clothes than ever. So I'm really trying to reign in the "wants" and focus hard on some things that are truly missing from my wardrobe.

For starters, I do not own a dressy pair of brown boots. Adrien and I have a lot in common but we differ in one area--she is the Boot Queen (bow down) and I have three pairs. One dressy black pair, my beloved Frye Lisa boots, some Boho vintage Justin camel boots, and a distressed medium brown pair of flat boots. And that's it. I really feel like a pair on par with my Lisa's, but in brown, would be put to good use. Of course, if I could go back in time and buy the Lisa's in brown, I would. Let's have a moment of silence for this style, which Frye apparently has no plans to reissue. Sniff.

Okay, my rules: I want a nice chocolate brown, nothing lighter. I walk a lot, so the heel can't really go over 3 inches. Not too pointy, not too round, and not too square in the toe. Not too spindly in the heel, but not too chunky either. They have to be real leather, and not too shiny. Oh, and under $200, but under $150 is even better. And you wonder why I have so much trouble finding boots that I like? I feel like this is just about the place where I start ranting about open toed boots and over the knee monstrosities, so instead here are a few I don't hate.
I think I'll just go back to praying the brown Frye Lisa's will show up on eBay. In a 7.5, please.

I also lack a pair of nice brown pumps. Or black pumps. My winter dressy/worky shoes are actually kind of pitiful. Maybe we should revisit this.

I went on a skirt strike a few years back and I'm just now starting to incorporate them back into my wardrobe. I've had some fun finding a couple of new summery skirts this season and I'd like a couple of pencil skirts for the fall and winter. I work in a casual office, so something in corduroy or even velvet might be nice. I also love this grey denim pencil skirt but at $178 I want to know what they are smoking. The bunchy sides of the Acting Out Skirt make my hips break out into a cold sweat, but curvy fashion bloggers like Roxy keep showing that it's flattering, so maybe worth a try?

Lastly, I'd love a nice sweater dress. I love the mixed media of the Curtain Call Dress, but there is an annoying voice in the back of my head telling me it wouldn't be flattering on me. I hate that voice. Luckily, I love the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress just as much, if not more. Wouldn't this be great with my hypothetical brown boots? Am I too old to pull off a shorter sweater dress like the black turtleneck BCBG version, over leggings? Be honest. The gray BCBG one just looks very cozy and flattering, don't you think?
Now, there are a million other things I want, starting with a new winter coat, but again, I'm trying to behave myself. These are actual gaps in my wardrobe and I'd like to fill them with things that will last beyond this season.

Do you have any gaps in your fall wardrobe that you need to fill?


  1. for fall, i am looking for:

    -black riding style boots, (classic), since I am opposite of you and have only brown.
    -fun flats, in leopard print
    -tights to wear with skirts and dresses

    happy shopping :)

  2. I have major gaps in my wardrobe for fall/winter! I need to scrap all of it because I've lost weight and nothing fits/hangs right. I should be really excited, but I'm intimidated and not sure where to start! I do have some black pants and workout clothes, but other than that I'm starting from scratch. So the adorable Frye boots I saw today for $495 are going to have to wait...

  3. I am always in search of the shoes with which I can wear everything. They don't exist, of course, but that doesn't stop me from trying.
    My all-occasion black boots came from LL Bean, and they don't make them anymore (boo...). They do, however, have THESE that are dressier than the well-loved, well-worn ones I have. I may have to scrounge my pennies and sell some plasma for them, in brown.

  4. I've been on a gap-filling mission as well.

    LOVE the boots on the far left! I finally got my brown boot situation under control since everything I have is either black, too dressy, or too casual.

    Sweater dresses (and skirts) are huge for Fall this year. I think you can totally pull it off in a thin knit synthetic blend that will drape nicely and hold its shape. Def not too old to pull the BCBG one. Those boots would look great with it too! :)

  5. I'd go with the Dansko boots. I have something similar in the ankle length and they are really comfortable and well made. That is a good price for that boot.

    I'm not a fan of the ruched style boot, personally, or even slouchy boots because I think they look cute until you put them on and they add a lot of bulk.

    I'm trying to think of gaps in my wardrobe... Probably a nice suit. I've been on the hunt for one forever, but everything is over $100 per piece and the pants are all unlined. I can't bring myself to spend $100+ on unlined suit pants. Also, must be petite and added points if I can get jacket, pants AND matching skirt. Any recommendations?

  6. Carly, I have never had a job that required a suit, even for an interview! I'm no help. I do have one suit that I bought because it was really nicely made and I thought I should just have one. It's Phoebe by Kay Unger and I got it for a good deal.