Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marianne: Attack!

I've been meaning to post a review of the Cool Breeze shorts from anthropologie for weeks and weeks now, but every time I wear them I forget to take a picture. And I have worn them a TON, probably every weekend since I bought them. They have a great pattern, a flattering (I hope) cut, and I love the sturdy material. Honestly, I don't know why these haven't gotten more play in the blogosphere. I'm pairing them here with the Climbing Cowlneck, because as I've discussed before, I'm not afraid of color.
But wait...what's that? Do you hear something?
WHO LET YOU IN MAH HOUSE?! Unleash the Scary Scary Monster!
It was too fun having you here, dolly.
On Marianne:
shorts: anthropologie Cool Breeze
top: anthropologie Climbing Cowlneck
sandals: Bobbi Blue
sunglasses: vintage Gucci

On Adrien:
top: Target
shorts: Old Navy
flip flops: Reef
necklace: Keen


  1. Y'all are just too cute. Love both your outfits! I saw that Anthropologie has the climbing cowl neck on sale for $9.95 right now. Worth getting?

  2. Oh, for that price, absolutely! The pink color is stunning.

  3. You girls are so adorable. :) And yes, those shorts ARE flattering!