Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adrien: Magic pants.

Before I start I should let you know that for me, shopping for pants is right up there with bra fittings, PAP smears, and cold-calling. In other words, its not something I enjoy.

So, with that in mind, last weekend I went on a mission (with friend Kate in tow) to find a pair of black Audrey Hepburn-esque cropped pants. I wanted something like my favorite navy cropped BR pants which are no longer online (and long gone from "my" store) but still available in summer-weight grey:

Pants & Shorts by Banana Republic at ShopStyle

The style is exactly what I was looking for. So. First I went to Gap to try on their new Premium Slim Crop pants.

Cropped Pants by Gap at ShopStyle

Erm, no. The first pair I tried on in size 6 were ass-flatteningly tight. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE. The fabric was also super-duper stretchy in that tight-now-but-will-give-you-ass-sag-by-noon kind of way. I tried on the 8 which fit better in the leg/booty area, but was much too big in the waist. Not feeling it, Gap.

Then I went to J. Crew to try their "magic" Minnie pants, which folks rave about. they're supposed to magically fit everyone perfectly. Well, everyone that isn't me I guess because OH MY GOD NO. I tried on the 4 and the 6. The 4s were obscene. The size 6 pair technically fit, but it was not doing anything for me. Not magical.

Casual Pants by J.Crew at ShopStyle

I pouted. And then I played with the light switch in the dressing room that offered "evening lighting" which was just their way of saying, THIS TURNS THE LIGHT OFF YOU STUPID IDIOT. I freaking hate J. Crew.

I fled, dragging poor long-suffering Kate over to Banana Republic (a different location than my usual store) and what did we find? And entire rack of my favorite cropped pants in black. On sale. Oh my heck! I bought a pair really fast before I could over-think it so now I have my pants.  Yay for that! I need a drink.


  1. I need some magic pants, but I suspect that there's not enough magic in the world at this point...

    My "Hallelujah jeans" (as in Hallelujah I finally found I pair I love) had gotten a little too tight, but hopefully I'll be able to get back into them in a month or so.

  2. I wish magic pants existed. That's the reason I don't really wear them much anymore.

    Glad you found yours!

  3. I hate J. Crew more and more as time goes on. Their retail stores barely stock anything (forget about petites). They keep raising their prices, or adding super plus luxury items. And they keep changing the cuts of items I had once loved as staples (for example, their basic t-shirt is now basically see-through and sized for a toddler).

    Sometimes they have great things on clearance, but since it's always final sale, I'm nervous to buy much aside from flip flops.

    I like how stuff looks in their catalogs, at least.