Monday, August 16, 2010

Marianne: All Grows Up.

I had a fancy meeting this morning and had to attempt to dress like a grown up. Conservative for me, which in my office is still probably a lot more casual than most. But still, closed toed shoes (in red, I mean come ON), a wrap dress, and a frigging brooch.

That's right. Brooch. I like the sparkles, okay? It poked and tickled me all day.
Add my favorite Grown-Up Bag, lined with divine burgundy suede like whoa, and Grown Up hair that I took down after seeing these pictures. It looked newscaster superdumb. Trust.

dress: Banana Republic (similar here)
shoes: anthropologie Coated Rouge (on sale in other colors here!)
frigging brooch: BCBG (similar here)
bag: Marc Jacobs Pocket Satchel (similar here)


  1. You clean up real nice. :) Seriously, you look great. I even like the hair!

  2. You look great! God, those shoes.

  3. I love the simple dress with the pops of color! Such a classy, chic look. And yes, I think your hair looks good too!

  4. You look gorgeous! And I am currently talking myself out of buying those shoes. They are so pretty.