Friday, August 13, 2010

Adrien: WANTY for fall!

So far, only a few key things are really calling my name for fall, but that's only because the fall clothes haven't all arrived in stores yet. It's going to be hard to chose what to get and what to wait on, but I FOR SURE am going to get these:

I'm just waiting for the right discount code. Any day now, Banana Republic.

Here are a few other fun things I have my eye on:

Audrey Hepburn pants, for sure.

A perfect and simple dress for any occasion.

Ponies! On a skirt!

A cozy cardigan with beaded detail.

Oh, keys. Still love them.

Finally, I tried this on in-store and LOVED it, but not for that price. When it goes on sale, maybe...

What do you want for fall? I keep asking because I I WANT TO KNOW. Tell me!


  1. What do I want? Everything y'all picked for me, of course! I love that pony skirt. I have some very similar leopard flats from Target from last year that I will carry over to this year.

  2. I've already been shopping! I got the bags I wanted, getting my brown boot situation under control, (got the motocross jeans I've been dying for and grey OTK wedge boots - both xmas present from mom I can't have yet). I'm still working on statement necklaces and PANTS, Not jeans but trousers.

    Love that pony skirt! Check out this one I got from UO years ago for like $10! It's from a German story book. If you want to borrow it some time, let me know!

  3. MQ, Yay! I can't wait to see the outfits you put together from our suggestions.

    Lara, I love that skirt! Also, being Richmond, I feel like our paths will cross soon because I'm gonna need to see those boots when you get them.

  4. omg... I got them from Alloy! They were on backorder 2 days after they went up. You can still order them and they're in brown and black too. Super cheap.

    Oh! I did a small Richmond lady blogger coffee meet-up last year and met about 5 chicks. It was a lot of fun! I've been wanting to organize again. Send me your email on Twitter DM and what days/times work best for you!

  5. Ooh, I've been eying some leopard print flats too.

    I feel like I buy too many "basics" year after year (I own about a million different charcoal grey sweaters), so I'm trying to focus on unique accessories this fall.

    I just got the Franco Sarto View pumps in Grey Comet (snakeskin print -- woo!), which is my first foray into the whole hidden-platform trend. I've been lusting after a pair of snakeskin shoes for awhile now, and these are a pretty classic shape and the chunky heel makes them pretty comfy and conservative enough to wear with jeans and not feel like a total hoochie mama :-)

    I also splurged on the JCrew matchstick cords in dark charcoal, in an ankle length that will be easy to wear with either flats or my new snakeskin pumps.

    And I got the softest gauze-y cashmere scarf at Ann Taylor last weekend on sale for less than 30 bucks. Can't find it online, but I was impressed with the quality.

    I'm still on the search for at least one more cute jacket or blazer for layering this fall, preferably with a moto collar or some army inspired details. I just haven't fallen in love with anything yet.

  6. Apparently, I wanted a case of "from-the-winery-only" Korbel champagne varieties, because that's what I just spent $200 on.

  7. Wren, those shoes are beautiful!

    Cynthia, a worthwhile and classic purchase.

  8. Hey, I've got Give & Get discounts for Banana Republic! Also Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta -- good online or in stores August 26-29. (This is Gap Inc.'s Friends & Family thing, but it has the added bonus that 5% of what you spend goes to my choice of six nonprofits, which choice this year is the World Wildlife Fund, yay!)

    I've got 25 more invites, so readers, if you want in too, just email me at and you'll get them today or tomorrow. From my real name, not my email alias ("Your Mom"). :-)

  9. Durr, the discount is 30%! Pretty nice, eh?


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