Friday, August 27, 2010

Adrien: Useless Anthropologie Reviews.

I went to Anthropologie the other day to try on skinny cargo pants because Jinah kind of threw down the gauntlet. Sure, they look cute on her but I was confident they'd look like deep-fried ass on me and I wanted to prove it.

So I got there and couldn't find a damn single pair to try on. No J Brand, no Citizens, no Joes. It was like they knew I was coming and hid them all from me. I did find a pair by a brand I'd never heard of but they weren't quite skinny and yes, they looked like deep-fried ass on me:

The top I have on in the second photo is the Chiminu Kata Tank which was very pretty and also very huge, so I had to size down to a 2. Seriously, that's the 2. It's on sale right now for a great price, but it was not for me, so I passed.

Next I tried on the Echoing Dress (on sale but not on the website anymore. Effortless Anthropologie reviewed it here) and oh my baby Jesus, no. It's a disaster. It's true name is the Droopy Sack Dress because NO:

To recover from the trauma I tried on the Dreamy Drape Dress (sadly, not on sale) in the pattern version and wow, this is a beautiful thing:

It felt really good on and I might cave and buy it if it ever goes on sale. My only hesitation is that maybe it's too dressy for work. But, so comfy! So pretty!

Finally, I found a pair of black James Jean Twiggy jeggings denim leggings marked down to nothing, last pair, in my size. Oops? I needed them:

Worn here with the Unveiled Tank which is a fantastic shade of grey but too weirdly lumpy for me to really know what to do with it.

So yeah, I just bought the jeans because apparently I needed another pair of skinny jeans. So dumb. 


  1. I tried on the Dreamy Drape dress a few weeks ago and almost cried because I loved it so much. Alas, it's out of my price range.

    The jeans are super cute on you!

  2. LOL at your face with the Echoing Dress! I'm sorry it was such a disturbing experience. Love those last denim leggings on you...and I think the Unveiled Tank looks great on you! Not lumpy at all.

  3. Thanks, y'all! Trying on stuff at Anthro is always an adventure.

  4. Luckily I didn't buy that Echoing Dress because I was seriously THIS.CLOSE. to getting it after seeing it in their marketing collateral (an email maybe?).

    I LOVE the jeggings on you and fully support the decision to buy them. :)

  5. I actually like the fitted cargos on you! I've never seen this style before, but they look good with your body type and the shoes. I also covet your jeggings! :)

  6. I think the Unveiled Tank looks awesome on you! Very flattering, and I don't think you'd have to "do" much with it, since it's already got zazz on its own.

  7. Enablers! Stop making me want it!

  8. You can't wear a cardigan over it! You'll freeze! BAM!

  9. unveiled tank looks great on you in the photo. What lumps?!?