Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adrien: Test pattern.

I don't actually have a ton of clothes, so you're going to see more repeats as the summer continues. The fun challenge for me is how to make a dress or skirt look different than the last time you saw me wear it. The dress I'm wearing today is a year-round favorite and I think it's already shown up a few times here, but today I'm belting it and doing a little double-pattern action which makes me nervous. (I know pattern mixing can be done successfully but I'm a wuss about such things.) I think the main trick is to have one pattern be fairly large and the other small, so I'm doing that correctly. But, my second pattern is my bag, so that's probably cheating. Is that cheating? Are there rules? AM I LOSING? (This is why I can't play board games. It's all too stressful.)  Anyway, woo:

Huh. I thought the gold belt looked fine this morning but now I think a skinny red patent belt (which I don't own) would look a lot better. What can you do.

dress: Banana Republic
sandals: FarylRobin
belt: Forever21
bag: Juicy Couture

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh, I love it. I think a skinny red belt would look cute too, but the gold belt is great!