Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adrien: Sandals I Have Loved.

Every fall and spring I become completely obsessed with footwear. In the fall its always boots. Always. Boots. For springtime it's the polar opposite - I want the twiggy-est, brightest little scrap of sandal I can find. I always fall in love with sandals I can't quite afford and decide to wait until they goes on sale. Usually by the time this happens they are completely sold out in my size, never to reappear. Sadness:


But really, here's why: The problem with twiggy scraps of delicious delicate sandal is that I beat the shit out of them. I wear them into the ground and it's just not worth spend a ton of money on something so kill-able. Plus, my very favorite sandals last year? Came from Walmart. And I hate Walmart. Man, I wish I'd bought four pairs of those wonderful stupid cheap-ass sandals. (Normally I don't love plastic shoes but for some reason I don't mind cheap plastic sandals.)

Anyway, this year I'm keeping an eye on Target because they have some cute stuff coming out and most of it is under $20. Hark:

So now, I've either made you weep about sandals that are no longer available (or only in very limited sizes) or I've made you happy because yay! Cheap sandals! You're welcome either way.

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  1. Those target sandals make my feet bleed just looking at them.


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