Monday, May 3, 2010

Adrien: The Gift

I've mentioned before that my friend Nina has a magical eye, The Gift, if you will. She can comb a packed clearance rack full of junk and find the one amazing gem hidden within. It's fun to watch and, lucky for me, she doesn't just shop for herself. She once found me a $300 Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater for $15. I am not even kidding.

Yesterday, while suffering under an airless tent at a craft show I got an email from her asking if I was interested in a pair of Frye Mary studded sandals she found at Marshalls on clearance for $29. Yeah, she found a pair of $157 Fryes in my size for $29. Hell yeah, I'm interested. Here they are:

She also found me a pair of Ciao Bella t-straps which are nearly identical to this pair by Corso Como (who makes Ciao Bella, just FYI), for $15 on clearance:

They are super cute and fairly similar to my much-loved Frye Lisas, but they're a little tight across the instep. Other than that, they fit true-to-size. For $15, I should probably keep them, right?

All hail Nina and her Gift.


  1. Nina is truly blessed with the Gift. I would like a Nina, please.

  2. Dang, will Nina be my friend, too?

  3. If you're pimping out Nina, put me on the list, please.

  4. Nina the Magical ShopperMay 3, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    Ha! All I can say is that you are lucky we don't wear the same size, girl, or that shit would be mine. Never any cute 9s on sale. NEVER.

    I'm so glad the Fryes fit - they look super cute on you!