Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adrien: Hottest day of the week.

It's supposed to be 92 degrees today (bring it!) I dressed accordingly:

I added a light cardigan for the office so I don't have to huddle over my space heater like a shivery poodle. It just can't be too hot for me. I am the one who's happy as a clam when everyone else is asking, "Is it hot in here?"

dress: Banana Republic
cardigan: J. Crew
belt: Forever21
shoes: Rebel
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
necklace: self-made


  1. Look at your teeny tiny waist! You look smokin today!

  2. Yes, you look smokin' hot, teeny waist and all.

    I had to comment, though, to say "AMEN SISTER" to being happy with this kind of weather! When the rest of the world walks out of the air conditioning and says "Ugh," I'm going "Aaaahhh..."

  3. I'm just like you in my office, I'm a happy little clam when it's warm in there!

    You look fantastic in this dress, I love it with the black belt.