Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adrien: In Defense of the Slip

Let's talk about underwear. Specifically, the slip. More specifically, lots of women don't wear them BUT SHOULD. Things I never want to see:
  • your underwear.
  • the pattern on your underwear.
  • your dress/skirt clinging to your tights in such a way that I might soon see your underwear.
  • the back of your jersey dress clinging to your backside crackwise because you're wearing a thong but not a slip. (Sorry, I know this is graphic but you've seen this, right? It's BAD. Really, really, really bad. I cannot stress how bad this is.)
A slip will prevent this horrible event from occurring. And really? Nobody should ever have to know what kind of underwear you're wearing. Now, if you're thinking, "A slip? My grandma wears a slip!" You're right, because your grandma is a smart lady who knows a slip makes everything you wear look that much better. I have no idea why we stopped wearing them but it's time to start.

My current favorite slip is this Calvin Klein joint:

It's not inexpensive but it will last you FOREVER. I love how basic it is and it's lack of frill or lace means it's pretty much invisible under clothing. I have one in nude and will probably buy another one in black when the right discount code comes along.

My most recent find is this amazing (and cheap!) half slip from Target:

It has a stretchy lace waist that lays flat and, more importantly, stays put. You can wear it on your natural waist or pull it lower to sit on your hips and it won't budge.

A few more options:

If you need some shaping this Spanx slip looks like the perfect option.

This full slip by Jockey is a decent price and looks like a good option for shorter dresses.

If you want to get fancy, the Navy Garland Slip from Anthropologie is so pretty you'd actually want it to show.

If money is no object you could always go for this little number.

If money is no object and you want to be Lady Gaga, definitely buy this one.

Ha. I know! That last one just made me die a little. I'll stop now.


  1. Uh oh! I think you might have gotten a brief glimpse of my undies today when I was showing you the underneath back pocket of my skirt. I commented anonymously for obvious reasons:-)

  2. That Anthropologie one is quite adorable. I'd pull a Rachel Green and wear that thing around like a dress.

  3. I need some new slips. I have a really disappointing (and expensive!) one that somehow makes things cling even more, AND rides up over my hips when I walk. Way to be awesome, slip!

  4. Anonymous, that doesn't count! You were trying to show me the hidden pocket in your skirt. Totally different than what I'm talking about.

  5. YES!!! Slips rock! Modesty does, too.

  6. You need a no-coffee warning on that last link, 'cause I about choked.

    Patent leather fins, what I always look for in a slip....