Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Marianne: birthday style in three parts.

A picture-heavy post for you today, because it's my birthday and I am the boss of you today. So there.

Birthday festivities started on Saturday, with a 1st birthday party for one little Lulu, who was born on her mama's birthday. The party was a success and my dress, it was cute.

dress: Max & Cleo
shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target
sunglasses: Kate Spade

Yesterday my lovely coworkers took me to lunch, and I wore a new birthday outfit in honor. Now, I generally like to be creative when putting outfits together and I try to not dress head-to-toe in one brand. But I saw this outfit at Ann Taylor LOFT and they were having that good 40% off sale and I bought it all--dress, sweater, and belt.
The dress is straighter than I expected but the size 8 fit. And there was much rejoicing across the land. I think it needs the belt and sweater, though, because of the pleating detail that bunches fabric across your lower belly. Nice for someone who has had a baby, though.

The shoes I wore are SO TALL.
This picture does not do them justice. I am over 6 feet tall when I wear these, people. OW. But pretty.
Ignore my goofy face, this is an oldie but goodie favorite bag of mine. I bought it seven hundred years ago in Brooklyn at Bird and it's cut in the shape of a grocery bag, but in the softest leather. I believe it was called the Bodega Bag at the time.
dress: LOFT
sweater: LOFT
belt: LOFT
bag: Neal Decker
shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
barrette: anthropologie
necklace: Diana Warner

This one is out of focus (it was early, yo) and my hair is wet, but you get the general idea.
I adore this dress and these shoes. So comfortable I feel like I'm in my jammies.
Another out of focus picture (my poor husband hadn't had his coffee), but I have to tell my sweet girl happy birthday as well. Being your mom is the best thing I've ever done.

dress: Orla Keily
necklace: Diana Warner
shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg


  1. You are both so freaking CUTE. Love love love the Loft outfit, head to toe.

  2. Happy birthday! Wish I had some extra bucks and a thing for bags, I'd do you a solid and take the Marc Jacobs off your hands, just because it's your special day.


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