Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marianne: Wonderbar update!

I know, I know, what happened to the promise of weekly Wonderbar! updates? Well folks, last week we moved and the Wonderbar got packed. I didn't find it for nearly a week, so I kind of feel like I'm back to square one. I have been using it diligently since and can report the following:
  • No major "healing crisis" yet, but I do have a couple of new pimples in unfamiliar places. I don't seem to be breaking out where I normally do, though, and these new outcroppings are behind eyebrows and close to my hairline and easily hidden.
  • I left the Wonderbar on overnight and found this too drying. I thought my skin was going to peel off in one piece and I think it irritated my eyes as well.
  • My skin continues to feel incredibly soft and seems to be handling not using moisturizer just fine (other than the one day after I left it on overnight). I do wonder if you could do this in the winter, though.
I will take updated photos this week, promise! And now that we are moved in and the camera is unpacked, I will resume taking pictures of my boring outfits. Thank goodness you have Adrien to provide some real entertainment on this here blog.


  1. Marianne,
    I use it too. You are right about sleeping in it, it is too much this early, but not because it dries your skin out, because it is healing and detoxing your skin and if you leave it on before your skin has adjusted- it brings it on too fast! Once you have adjusted, your skin will be balanced and it doesn't matter if it's winter or NOT! Also, at that point you can sleep in it and wake up feeling moisturized, just not until you are used to it. I sleep in mine every night, but could not until I had been using it for two months. there is a whole thing on this on the website's blog.

  2. That is very good to know, thank you!

  3. I have been so looking forward to this post, for real. More updates when you get the chance! Cetaphil isn't working its magic anymore and I need more ideas on where to turn next.