Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adrien: Monday? Tuesday? Outfit.

I had yesterday off work so I'm ALL confused about what day it is. I got dressed this morning in record time, though, because I knew I wanted to wear this Banana Republic top I purchased recently with a very sweet 40% off code. It's definitely the kind of thing I love: a t-shirt with enough detail to make it interesting and work-appropriate. But not at full price. (Never pay full price at BR! And hey, it looks like it's on sale now anyway. Told you.) Anyway, here goes:

top: Banana Republic
skirt: Odille
shoes: Frye
bag: Juicy Couture


  1. Pretttttty! Love the swishy skirt and your new shoes, too. I unpacked the camera yesterday so I'm hoping to get back on the old blogwagon this week.

  2. I love this outfit (well, like everything you wear) Love the white shoes. I have 2 nice pair that a friend gave me and I never know when to wear them or feel like I have the nerve to wear them. For some reason, white shoes just seem to shout from my feet when I normally only wear black.


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