Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adrien: I really like this one.

This is an old outfit, something I started wearing last summer and it just clicks for me. The skirt is one of those amazing finds that I'm SO GLAD I bought. I actually paid full price for it and then got something like three price adjustments because it kept going on sale. Wait, I think I talked about it here. Do I ever love this skirt. The only problem I have with it is that if I lose a pound or two it doesn't fit - this skirt requires curves. (Wow, is that a First World problem or what?)

The other bits of this outfit you've also seen before, but I really wear my favorite things over and over again, so get used to it:

The back is the best part, hence gratuitous ass shot:

top: Old Navy
skirt: Ann Taylor
shoes: Frye Iris
bag: March by Marc Jacobs Faridah
watch: La Mer
necklace: Forever 21

Oh, and just to follow up on my slip rant from yesterday, apparently not everyone agrees with me. Hmph. I still think I'm right. Modern slips do not add bulk and as long as you wear the right length, it shouldn't show. Also, I don't think they're right for everything, but they're great if you wear dresses or flippy skirts that aren't lined.