Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adrien: Found! My easy summer dress.

I mentioned earlier that I was looking for a replacement for my Dresses That Will Never Die and I think (hope!) I found it. I returned a few unfortunate purchases at Old Navy and picked up this dress instead:

Here it is on me last weekend:

As long as it doesn't shrink drastically (fingers crossed), I'll probably pick up another one in this color:

It's short, but the empire waist fit is forgiving. It's comfortable and washable and best of all, I can still wear a real bra under it. Also, it's all of $20. (And will probably be cheaper if you wait five minutes.)

This tends to be my summer uniform when I'm not at work - simple cotton jersey dress and flat sandals with a light cardigan in my bag in case of air conditioning overload.


  1. I looked at the photo of the dress and I thought something between "eh" and "ew!"

    ...and then I saw it on you and thought "MUST.HAVE.ONE.NOW."

    I would never have thought that could be cute and flattering and wonderful! You're bad for me, or maybe good for me. When I get a job, can we go shopping?


  2. Dress is adorable on you. Yes, buy one in every color.

  3. Love this easy summer dress on you. Must go to OLD NAVY!

  4. I confess, I totally went to Old Navy after this post, because that dress looked perfect and comfy for swing dancing (and super double points for the real bra thing). There were literally 2 of these left, one in extra small and one in extra extra large. So, none for Erica! :(