Friday, May 28, 2010

Marianne: Looks I Love

I'm sorry I'm such a slacker this week. Work is kicking my ass and there's no other way to put it. While I am managing to dress myself every day taking a picture seems to be beyond my capabilities. And forget having time to shop!

So, since I'm a slacker, I'm giving you a completely lazy post. Two looks that I love for the summer, neither of which would actually be flattering on me. Let's discuss!

This pretty little thing is from The Sartorialist. I love her barely-there sandals, the bag, the breezy hair, and that lovely airy white dress. Reasons I would look terrible in this outfit:

1. I have a 1-year-old and I eat a lot of red foods and I'm clumsy.
2. I adore shapeless breezy little dresses like this, but they make me look fat and/or pregnant.
3. Try as I may to leave my long hair down in the summer, the second I step out of the air conditioner it gets enormous and also feels not unlike draping a limp cat across the back of my neck.

Okay, so I could do the bag and shoes. That's something!

Michelle Williams has such an amazing style, but she is literally my exact opposite. She is tiny, blonde, with short hair. I am a giantess with long black hair that is always a mess. But still, I love this look from Cannes. This one will not work on me because:

1. Duh, the hair. I feel like this look begs for sleek, short hair. Adrien could rock it.
2. Blousy on top + tight on the bottom = I has a sad. I am smaller on top and have some pretty generous hip action and this seems like a recipe for disaster.
3. Dark colors in a Deep South summer can be really hard. I would be sweating, and sweating also makes me sad. I love the heat, but I tend to wear lighter colors in the summer.

So tell me, what do you do when you love a look that won't flatter you?


  1. Sometimes I just wear it anyway even if it's not 100% the perfect thing for my body type. It might make me look pregnant but at least I don't have to hold in my gut!

    But mostly I just try to appreciate the look without attempting to force it to work on me.

  2. I usually just appreciate from afar. I love the look of maxi dresses, but because I'm short they usually look like they're swallowing me whole and I'm afraid they would make me look like a pregnant elf or something.

    I love the white look too, but I also am a spill-prone girl. In fact, my husband loves to tease me about the fact that I cannot eat a meal without getting something on me.

  3. I just admire it on others.