Friday, May 28, 2010

Adrien: Fun with squirrels

This morning I had a guest visitor during my photo session! My husband is the resident critter-whisperer and has recently been adopted by a mother squirrel and her two babies (who we call "the minis.") Initially, Mama Squirrel was hesitant about taking peanuts from our hand but now if she sees us in the yard she'll march right over and demand to be fed.

Which is exactly what happened this morning:

dress: Target
sandals: Aerosoles
necklace: Banana Republic
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
squirrel: cute but greedy


  1. The squirrels! Cuteness!

    I want hips just like yours.

  2. Cute but greedy! I'm jealous; my squirrels just scream obscenities (I assume) when the bird feeder is empty.

  3. The squirrels don't scream at us, but they will come to the front door if we don't feed them.