Friday, May 14, 2010

Adrien: Anthro Reviews and a Confession.

Okay, I'll get the confession out of the way first. The other day I bought jeggings. SHUT UP. Seriously, stop laughing and hear me out. First of all, I didn't buy denim leggings or some kind of acid-washed Stryper horror, I bought black stretchy leggings that happen to look like jeans. Wow, that's not really much better is it? I kind of need your help here on deciding whether I can pull this off or not. But first, a quick review of a few random bits I tried on at Anthropologie.

I loved the idea of this skirt (not on the website anymore) but I really needed the next size up and they didn't have it. I squooze myself into it just for you:

It's got great details - hooks in the front and lacing in the back, just not my size.

Then I tried on this cute top (also not on the website) and wow, is it ever see-through:

 Would definitely require a cami underneath which sort of defeats the purpose of a floaty light summer top.

And then...and then. I found a pair of AG skinny jean leggings marked down (originally $148) and I tried them on. And didn't hate them:

My idea is to wear them with heels and longer/tunic tops during the warmer months and maybe tuck them into boots and wear with long slouchy sweaters in the winter? Am I delusional? Sale-goggling? Please be straight with me, I can take it.

Yeah, I should probably return them.


  1. I wear my AG skinny jeans all the time, and would be all over them in legging format.

  2. Based on the photos...I don't hate these! If you feel good in them, then go for it.

  3. try out the trend! it looks cute on you. and easy for summer.

  4. Honestly, on most women, I don't see much of a difference between jeggings and skinny jeans. If they feel good on, that's all that matters anyway. I think they look cute on you!

  5. Even though I laughed and laughed when you told me you bought those I vote to keep them. They are much, much cuter than I expected. And are they really that different than what you tried on at Gap (for more $)?

  6. I second what Kelly C said. And the leggings are probably less likely to cut off all the blood circulation in your lower body, so win-win.

  7. Absolutely keep them. What I love about my "jeggings" are that they fit so perfectly into even snug-fitting boots in the fall. And even on cooler spring days. They look great! And what a super deal!

  8. Thanks for the feedback, all! I'm going to keep them for sure.