Friday, May 21, 2010

Marianne: Wonderbar Week 3--Healing Crisis or Hormones?

Just a quickie post because this day/week has been insane. CRAZYTOWN. But I did manage to get my husband to take a picture of my face this week.
Double chin what what!

Before I get in to my update, let me just address this picture. I love my husband. Adore, even. I think he is the superbest. But why is this picture focused on my bra strap and not my face? And this was the BETTER of the two he took. He is an excellent photographer so I am not sure why he struggles with my dumb fashion pictures, but he does. The end.
Okay, not the end. Let's talk Wonderbar. This past week I had some breakouts, and wondered if this was the predicted Healing Crisis. However, since this breakout coincided with my period, I can't really be sure. Here's what I can tell you--my skin feels pretty great. I am not using any moisturizer (other than the tinted moisturizer I wear as makeup, but it's not very moisturizing), and no other face product other than Cetaphil to remove makeup. I feel like the texture of my skin is good and it's getting softer. The red marks I had are fading, but they might have done that anyway. I swear my lines are not as deep but that could be wishful thinking.
So, is the Wonderbar making a difference? Three weeks in and I don't really know. It's not making anything worse, which sadly is a great development for me. I am guessing that it will take the full six weeks before I start seeing a marked difference, just like the folks at Wonderbar said it might.


  1. I am also in the first weeks of the Wonderbar and am having similiar experiences. My skin has broken out, although I did have my period. I feel like the breakout was a bit worse than usual which makes me want to attribute it to the wonderbar. But I feel like my skin is a bit more even toned and my pores are smaller. What tinted moisturizer are you using? I'm having trouble finding one that isn't greasy.

  2. Erica, I love the tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier, even though it is so expensive. Before that I used Korres, but it's much heavier in coverage and I couldn't deal with it in summer.

  3. Thanks, I've heard good things about the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I tried the one with sunscreen a while back and didn't like it, so maybe I'll try the regular and just add a separate sunscreen.