Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marianne: Random Fitting Room Reviews

Right off the bat, I have to admit that I kind of forgot about The Limited. I mean, there was a time when that was the place to shop, though even all those years ago I didn't shop there much. I did work at Express when I was a freshman in college, and sometimes I took advantage of the discount we would get at our "sister" store, but I can't say I've ever been a rabid Limited fan.

And I know it's "The Limited", but come on, you call it Limited and I do too. Let's move on.

ANYWAY, my point, and there is one in here somewhere, is that when I saw this post on Lindsey's blog, I was intrigued. Mostly by that black and white skirt, I wanted it. Bad. So, armed with the discount, I ordered it in a size Large. And, because I have no idea what size I am anymore, it was way too big. I wanted to try it on in Medium rather than dealing with mailing it back, so off to the mall I went.

I hate the mall, but I had a little time on my lunch break and they had some cute dresses on sale, so before I tracked down the skirt, I grabbed a few to try on. They were a nice cotton sateen with cute least on the hanger.
This dress had so much potential, a cute shirtdress top with a swingy circle skirt. But I had fit issues here, obviously. The skirt part was too short and the top was downright frumpy. The buttons weren't placed well, with just one unbuttoned I looked mumsy, and with two unbuttoned...well, this is a family blog and I can't show you that.
On to dress #2. I loved the tomato color and the subtle ruffle placket. But again, there are fit issues and they make me sad.
Super slim on the bottom but I actually think it I were wearing proper undergarments (read: SPANX) that wouldn't be a dealbreaker. But there was too much fabric on top again and it bunched unflatteringly. I am hardly tiny on top, especially since I'm still nursing, so I don't know who this dress is really made for.
Hi, belly.
The last dress is not one I picked out, but the well-meaning sales associate was really trying to make a sale, so she brought it to me. Based on the other two dresses, I had a feeling that the double-breasted top on this was going to be less than flattering, and I was right.
It's not terrible, just not me.
And now, the skirt I came for. They had exactly one left but it was thankfully the size I needed...I think.
See, the Large in this skirt sat way down on my lower hip. Since I wanted more of a pencil skirt feel, ideally to wear with a shirt tucked in and a wide belt, I thought the Medium would be a better fit.
I do think this is the size I need, but now I'm wondering if it's too short. I think this calls for putting together some experimental outfits at home.
So...yeah. The Limited. I can't say that I really felt like this store had much in stock for me, and the prices were high for the quality. But I do like my black and white skirt, as long as I can convince myself that the length is okay. Time to do some thinking.

Wonderbar! update coming as soon as my camera battery charges enough to get the pictures uploaded.


  1. I like the skirt! I don't think it looks too short on you. I especially like it with the green top you have on.

  2. Thank you! I forgot to mention that the top is from The Limited as well. I have one that's similar at home, though, so I didn't buy it.

  3. Ha! That's the skirt I'm going for next week. :)