Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I think this is my third post where I'm all, "THIS IS THE VERY LAST DAY I CAN WEAR BOOTS." But see, you remember when I was talking about what I'd buy if I won that Endless contest and the very first thing was Frye Veronica boots? And then my friend Molly commented that I should save up and buy them because she has a pair and they're really excellent? And then I accidentally found a pair super-cheap (and already broken in!) on eBay? Oops. And then today the high is only going to be 66 degrees, which is practically winter? So what was I supposed to do?

I'm wearing the damn boots. Aren't they great?

dress: Banana Republic
cardigan: Old Navy
boots: Frye Veronica slouch
necklace: handmade by me
bag: Marc Jacobs New Tote


  1. I love the Veronica boots on you! I keep doing that "omg last day to wear ___" thing but with tights.

    I'm so glad I found your blog! Can't wait to read more. I blogrolled you too, btw. Thanks for listing me. :)

    (btw I am jess pghandbag from tpf)

  2. Hey Jess! Thanks so much for linking us. I love your blog. (Also, your handbags.)