Friday, May 7, 2010

Marianne: Help me spend my gift card!

Lucky, lucky me, I just received a $200 anthropologie gift card for my birthday. Score! So, of course, I am already wondering how I should spend it. There are some dresses I love at anthro right now, particularly these:

So pretty. BUT, I just unpacked about 20 gorgeous dresses that all fit again and that I haven't been able to wear for 2-3 years. Even though I like these a lot, I just don't think I really need any new dresses.
Something I have been wanting, and do not already own 234 pairs of, are some white jeans. Terrible idea? I have a 1-year-old, after all, and a prodigious ass. But I just love how a crisp pair of white jeans looks, and these are on sale for $99:

I already have some cropped skinny jeans from the Gap that are just fine, but I keep looking at these as well.I think I can resist them, though.
Other than the white jeans, I could really use some new shoes. I guess because of pregnancy/postpartum, I really haven't bought new shoes in a while and some of my favorites are getting rather bedraggled. If I was being practical, I would get some new, soft flats. These studded ones are really fun and I think would be surprisingly neutral:
And I covet some turquoise flats as well:
Also on the practical side would be replacing my red Mary Janes, which are 5 years old and looking pretty damn tired.
But...practical! With my birthday monies! Bah. How about these green sandals? I love the look of them but I wonder how wearable the color would be.
What I keep coming back to, however, are these babies. They strike a balance between frivolous and practical. Frivolous because they are expensive and tall and crazy, but practical because I do not own a pair of black sandals and I know I would wear them at least once a week. And I love that they are black, but have a brown base, because I think they will go with everything.
Obviously, I need your help. Are the black Frye sandals where it's at? I never, ever pay full price for shoes but $178 doesn't seem TOO insane...does it? Or, should I just look for some Frye sandals on eBay and save my gift card for other things, like the white jeans I keep going back to.
Internet, you're my only hope. Tell me what to do.


  1. Unless the white jeans fit amazing and make your ass look great, I think $99 is still too much to spend on that trend, even with a gift card.

    The green sandals are super-cute, but they could be hard to wear. I bought olive green/brown flats last fall thinking they'd go with tons of stuff, but they really don't. Olive green is not the same as red :-/

    I vote for the black Frye's or the red mary janes.

  2. Wren, it's so funny, even since I've posted I have decided that I can get white jeans from the Gap for cheaper that I won't feel bad about inevitably ruining! And I think you are right about the green.

  3. You cannot go wrong with Frye, but you know I'm an addict.And that pair is GREAT. I also love the red shoes. A lot.

    I agree re. the white jeans. I think it would be pretty easy to find a less expensive pair.

  4. My faves are the black Fryes and the red Mary Janes. If you have dresses, go for shoes. My personal opinion is there is no such thing as too many dresses though. :)


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