Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adrien: Lucky Girl.

I've never thought of myself as a lucky person, but I am persistent and I enter a lot of contests hoping one day my persistence will pay off. Well, that day was last Wednesday when I got an email from the adorable Jessica at What I Wore telling me I'd won a $400 gift card from Beso.com.

I didn't believe it. I sat there and read the email and didn't believe it. Then I started shopping in my head, like, immediately. Remember this entry? It went something like that. I had SO MANY THINGS in my mind I could buy with that $400! Frye shoes! Also, Frye shoes! Or a spree at Banana Republic!

You know what helps with in-your-head shopping sprees? Beso.com. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. it's a shopping portal that allows you to take that sort of ephemeral sandal idea in your head, enter it into a search box and get back a ton of great options from different stores. It's also a really good tool if you know exactly what you want to buy and need to comparison shop (which you should do.) And I'm not just saying all this because they just gave me $400, I really like the site! It's a great tool for someone like me who needs to know what my options are. Like, right this second they have it set up so you can see all the nautical striped items. I just clicked "View all Stripes" and dude. DUDE.

Anyway! I digress. Yes, I had a PROBLEM. The very, very best kind of problem. I always get really stressed out about gift cards because I feel like I need to pick Exactly The Right Thing. This was even harder because it was a Prize. I spent a bunch of time searching around and then I was all, *squealing brake noise* WAIT HOLD UP. I CAN GET A HILLIER.

I. Can. Get. A. Hillier.

And that was it. See, when it comes down to it, I'm a bag girl. I'd rather have a new bag than almost anything because bags always fit, they don't shrink when you wash them, and they don't give you blisters in weird places. And, the right bag will make anything you're wearing look more awesome, I'm convinced.  Plus, it would feel like a prize. One really special thing that I'd always remember as something I won. And damn have I ever wanted a Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier:


The lovely folks at Beso.com gave me a Zappos gift card that I spent so fast I think my computer caught on fire. And because Zappos is staffed by magical elves, it's already on a truck and will be delivered any second now. I WAIT.

Thanks Beso.com! Thanks Jessica!  You've made me a very happy girl.

Edit: MEEP! Look what just arrived:

Love love love!