Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Mood: My WFH Uniform.

As I'm settling in to week 10 of working from home, my outfits have also settled into a sad kind of uniform. I still try to add in a bit of flair every day - earrings, perfume, mascara, something to make me feel like a real human person. But, my day-to-day outfit is pretty much always this:

Man, do I love a t-shirt. Most of my Everlane tees have become sleep/lounge wear at this point but my Madewell Whisper tees (or get 3 for $45 here) are generally what I'm wearing every day. They are comfy and come in a million colors and the v-neck is just right. I also love the split hem- they just fall better.

I still occasionally shoehorn my ass into a pair of jeans but mostly I'm wearing Athleta pants - my new pair of Brooklyn ankle pants or my Chelsea cargo. They're super lightweight, have pockets and they don't cut me in half while I'm sitting at my dining room table desk. My favs are not currently marked down but the similar Uptown Ankle Pant (which I haven't personally tried) is on sale!
Also, with summer weather coming soon, I'm considering Athleta shorts - I have my eye on Camo Farallon Short, specifically.

My shoes around the house are pretty much always Birkenstocks, though as the weather has warmed up, I've switched from my shearling clogs to my Arizonas. I sincerely can't recommend them enough. Classic, vaguely hideous, the absolute best.

Will I ever go back to wearing a real bra again? I mean, probably. But lately it's been all True & Co. no-wire stretchy action around here. The ugliest one is the absolute best but I also love this one with skinny adjustable straps. They're both on sale right now too!

Of course there's a hoodie involved, usually the older model of this one from Athleta. Its just the right amount of comfy and cute and pockets! Always pockets, because you just never know.


  1. So I need to embrace the fact that Birks are ugly-but-comfortable, and just get some already?

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