Monday, February 19, 2024

Outfit of the Day: In Which I Wear All My Favorite Stuff At Once.

When I start feeling wanty about some imagined thing that will make my wardrobe complete I remind myself that I already have some truly great stuff that I'm not wearing enough. Lately I've been trying to use all my good stuff as much as possible. 

Does this stop me from wanting more stuff? Sometimes. Does it make me feel slightly overdressed at the grocery store? Probably. But, it's been really fun to not "save" stuff for occasions but instead to wear the leather jacket every chance I get, to carry a nice bag even if I'm just going to the post office. For example, we went out for tacos last week and this is what I wore:

My very favorite jeans by Mother: the Weekender Fray, which I wear more than any other pair I own right now. I'm actually wearing them right this second! I reviewed back in 2022 if you're curious. They're truly comfortable and just the right length. I'm also wearing my Pikolinos boots which are very comfortable and decently cute and only pair of boots my dumb foot will currently allow. I am curious about this style, which is a bit taller and might work in place of the Chelsea boots I can't currently wear.

But okay, let's talk about the leather jacket. Its an AllSaints Belvedere jacket I found on TheRealReal because my other AllSaints jacket is currently, um, extremely tight. This one fits perfectly and I can wear a thin sweater under it, no problem. 

My scarf (this is it in a different colorway) was an impulse purchase at Liberty of London. It was on sale and there was only one left but they still steamed it for me and packed it up like a gift. I wore it for the rest of the trip, even the part where I had to sleep on the floor in JFK because we missed our flight. SO FANCY. 

Finally, that bag. It's the Mulberry Amberley (mine is in oxblood) and was a London purchase that was definitely on sale. HOWEVER, do not casually wander into the Mulberry flagship store in London and think you're not buying something because you absolutely will and you will love it and carry it A LOT because cost per wear and all that shit. Okay, on to my second "favorites" outfit:

Now, I talked about my striped Everlane sweater a few entries ago and it's still my #1 favorite sweater that I wear way, way too often. (And it's currently on sale!) Oh, Everlane. I quit you and you drag me back with cashmere and stripes. It's a great sweater - somehow boxy and slightly cropped but still hangs just right? It's magic and I just really love it, if you can't tell. 

I'm wearing it with my patch pocket jeans from Madewell which are getting quite a bit of wear. They are trendy but in a fun, not-too-young kind of way, I hope. Just to keep things extremely grown up and serious, I'm wearing them with my Comme des Garçons PLAY Converse which are so cute and spark all kinds of joy. 

My necklaces are my favorite weird bird skull from Paxton Gate and my labradorite necklace from Etsy. 

So, that's it. I'm really trying to use and enjoy what I have and stop being so wanty all the time. It's sort of working? Sort of. 


  1. Girl/I have the same skull necklace from Sugar Cube, that boutique you went to in Philadelphia. Good to have a post from you. Thanks

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